If you want to do a better job caring for your teeth, you can do more than just change the way you brush and floss. While better oral hygiene can certainly help you, it is important to remember that there are other practices you can follow in order to prevent future dental troubles. One thing you can do is start drinking more water. When you consume more water in order to prevent dehydration, or as a substitute for flavored beverages, you can address certain issues that may have been affecting your risk for oral health troubles. Our Corona, CA dentist’s office is proud to have helped so many people protect their teeth during routine dental exams, but we also take care to encourage patients so they do a great job caring for their smiles outside of our office!

1. Water Can Help You Wash Away Food Debris

When you eat, you may leave behind more food debris on your teeth than you realize. This can be particularly true if you enjoy foods that are naturally sticky, but many particles can be trapped between cusps, between teeth, or in other areas. If you are drinking water with your meals, you can have an easier time washing away these particles so they are not left behind to feed oral bacteria.

2. Water Can Replace Beverages That Are Potentially Harmful To Your Smile

Your diet choices can affect how prone to cavity formation a person is, which is why the switch from soft drinks (or other sugary beverages) to water can be so beneficial. By cutting down on sugars, you are less likely to need a dental filling or dental crown at a future appointment. It should be noted that some beverages are harmful for reasons that go beyond sugar content. Soft drinks also hurt your oral health because of their acidity, which can soften enamel. In addition to making you more cavity-prone, this can lead to issues with teeth stains.

3. Water Can Help You Avoid Problems With Dry Mouth

Are you sometimes affected by a dry or sticky feeling in your mouth? This may be dry mouth, an issue where you are not producing a comfortable amount of saliva. Saliva actually has a role to play in your oral health care, as it can wash away bits of food and neutralize harmful bacteria. When you drink more water, you can fight dehydration, which leads to this problem.

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