How worried should you really be if you experience problems with gingivitis? While there is time to address gingivitis before permanent issues occur, an infection can be more harmful than you realize. In time, a periodontal infection can become a permanent problem, one that leads to the destruction of tissues that support your teeth. In addition to making your risk for tooth loss higher, this condition can have a negative effect on your general health when periodontal bacteria travel to other areas of your body. Our Corona, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients who arrive showing symptoms of gingivitis. Through timely treatment, the matter can be addressed before there are long-term worries to tend to!

Your Periodontal Health Can Affect More Than Your Smile

When gum disease becomes an issue, the problem may extend beyond your mouth. If too much time passes, the infection can grow more advanced, and that can make the matter more difficult to manage. In time, periodontal bacteria can cause tissue damage to your gums, as well as to the harder tissues keeping teeth in place. It is also possible for bacteria to leave your gums through your bloodstream and affect you in other ways. There are concerns that people with gum disease can be more vulnerable to heart problems, and your infection may make it harder to defend against other existing health issues.

What Your Dentist Can Do To Help Protect Your Gums

At the dentist’s office, problems with poor periodontal health can be identified and addressed before the problem progresses further. A special cleaning that targets the spaces below your gum line can remove bacteria from teeth that are causing gingivitis. While this is more advanced than the traditional teeth cleaning that occurs during a routine appointment, it can help resolve troubles with your gums. If the problem has already progressed, we can determine how serious it is, and what we can do to help you maintain your dental health.

What You Can Do At Home To Protect Your Gums

In between trips to the dentist’s office, pay attention to the health of your gums. If you observe problems with bleeding, swelling, or discoloration, you should take action to fight an infection by more thoroughly cleaning at the base of your teeth. Through better at-home care, you can more effectively guard yourself against further difficulties.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Your Periodontal Health

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