If a tooth continues to ache, it is hard to avoid thinking something might be seriously wrong. If the pain you suffer starts to feel severe, you may worry that the necessary treatment could involve the extraction of your tooth! Sensitivity and pain are often triggered by issues with decay, as a cavity will lead to infection when it grows enough to expose your pulp to bacteria. There is time to save a tooth in this state, but if too much time passes, that window can close. Our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients in need of treatment for tooth pain. If necessary, we can plan for a safe and careful extraction before making arrangements to replace the tooth. We can also determine if there is still time to save the tooth through root canal therapy.

Why It Is Sometimes Necessary To Extract A Tooth

If a tooth becomes infected, bacteria that enter the pulp will attack the living tissues found within. Over time, harmful microbes multiply and move through the roots of a tooth, causing problems in areas that are difficult to access. In time, that can actually lead to the spread of bacteria through your roots to other parts of your body. As an infection spreads, it can reach a point where there is no longer a way to return that tooth to good health. Because of this, your dentist can remove it to stop bacteria from causing more harm to you.

What To Expect From The Process Of Removing An Unhealthy Tooth

If a tooth must be removed, we will take care to minimize discomfort and perform the extraction safely. We have an oral surgeon on-site who can carefully access and remove the tooth while minimizing any damage to surrounding tissues. Anesthesia is used to minimize any discomfort you might experience. At the completion of your work, we can offer guidance on keeping the space safe so that you can heal.

We Can Make Plans To Replace Your Extracted Tooth

If there is not a way to restore a tooth, we can still restore your complete smile through prosthetic dental work. After an appropriate healing period takes place, you can return to the office to discuss your options for replacing the tooth you lost. We can secure a dental bridge without oral surgery, as the appliance features abutment teeth, dental crowns that are capped on teeth surrounding the space where a tooth was removed. We can also talk with you about placing a dental implant to hold a restoration in position.

Let Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist Know About Your Aching Tooth

Your Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help patients who experience worrying issues with toothaches. To learn more, or to speak with another of our locations closer to you, we can be contacted at the following:

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