You can look at older photos of your smile and tell that your appearance has changed between then and now. The question is, what actually happened to affect your confidence in the way you look? Gradual changes over time can leave teeth looking dull or discolored. Unfortunately, these problems can sometimes be hard to avoid. After all, we rely on our teeth to break down food several times each day. For some people, this usage can lead to conspicuous wear and tear. Others can start to see problems with the condition of their smile earlier in life because of a teeth grinding problem. At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, patients who struggle with concerns about worn or misshapen teeth can learn about the positive impacts offered by cosmetic dentistry. With one relatively conservative procedure, your smile can look more uniform, younger, and more attractive!

Has Your Smile Changed Over Time?

It can be hard to completely avoid changes that affect your smile. Wear and tear, teeth stains, and other problems can gradually hurt the way you look. With that said, for some people these problems can occur sooner than expected, and lead to more noticeable differences. Even if your teeth are still healthy, you can feel unhappy because they make you seem older, or give you the appearance of someone who is less healthy.

Restoring The Shape And Color Of Teeth With A Cosmetic Treatment

Through one procedure, we can make significant improvements to the way you look. After evaluating your smile, we can plan treatment with porcelain veneers to hide wear and tear, discoloration, and even problems with the way your teeth are aligned. Veneers leave most of your tooth structure untouched, as they only cover the fronts of teeth.

Your Dental Wear And Tear May Be Linked To Bruxism

You may be seeing more signs of wear and tear, or experiencing more rapid changes in the condition of your teeth, because of bruxism. People who deal with this condition can have no way of controlling nighttime teeth grinding on their own. Fortunately, they can be protected with a custom oral appliance provided at our practice. Wearing it will keep your teeth apart, sparing your enamel the effects of grinding and clenching.

Talk To Your Moreno Valley, CA Dentist About Restoring Worn Or Misshapen Teeth

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