Too many people fail to realize that they have picked up bad brushing habits. Until they make the appropriate corrections to their routine, they are vulnerable to dental decay and gum disease! The trouble with identifying these habits is that brushing can feel so routine that you can have a hard time believing you have any problems to resolve. Your Temecula, CA dentist can identify signs of poor daily care and recommend changes during regular dental exams. Those problems include issues like tartar formation and gum disease. They also include problems like dental decay, which makes restorative dental work necessary.

Avoid Holding Onto The Same Brush For Too Long

If you keep using the same brush, you will wear down its bristles and make it less effective at protecting your smile. Removing plaque will become more difficult, and harder to reach areas will be more vulnerable to tartar accumulation. At the three month mark, you should switch to a new brush. Brushing aggressively to offset bristle wear is not recommended. As a general practice, harder brushing can lead to more enamel erosion that weakens your natural defense against oral health issues.

Thoroughly Clean At Your Gum Line

Gum disease is a problem that can lead to tooth loss and poor general health. Both brushing and flossing will protect you against the buildup of bacteria that can cause periodontal problems to occur. If you are not working diligently to clean at the base of teeth, you can fail to clear away the microbes responsible for gingivitis, which can worsen and cause periodontal disease!

Don’t Assume That Brushing Is The Only Daily Practice You Need To Follow

Good brushing habits are important, but brushing by itself will not fully protect your smile! To do a better job cleaning between your teeth, you should floss on a daily basis. Flossing every night before bed will be an important line of defense against decay and gingivitis. Remember that your diet choices also influence your well-being. During the holidays especially, it is important to monitor your sugar intake closely.

Your Temecula, CA Dentist Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Smile

Our Temecula, CA dentist’s office is ready to help you protect your smile against threats like tooth decay and gum disease, but you need to do your part to protect your smile at home. If you have questions about how you can improve your routine, or active oral health concerns, let us know! You can contact our practice, or another of our locations closer to you, at the following:

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