If you have issues with bruxism, waiting to do something about them can be a bad idea. In fact, the choice to delay treatment can actually make you more likely to experience more problems with your smile and dental health! Over time, the friction generated by clenching and grinding can have a negative effect on your enamel. Your smile can start to look worn and old, and you have to worry about chipping or cracking a tooth! Our Corona, CA dental practice is prepared to help you take on an issue with bruxism. In addition to protecting your smile from more harm, we can discuss oral health services capable of addressing the harm done by this habit.

Why Should I Be Worried About Bruxism?

If you have a tendency to clench or grind your teeth while you sleep, you can do potentially significant damage to your smile. That can lead to concerns about your appearance as well as difficulties with your oral health. Grinding and clenching can also lead to mounting stress on your joints and muscles, something that makes you susceptible to TMJ problems. If you regularly wake up with sore or sensitive teeth, or if you have noticed that your teeth seem to be flattening or misshapen in other ways, let us know!

Using An Oral Guard To Keep Your Smile Safe

If you come to us with concerns about bruxism, or if your dentist observes signs of problems at a routine dental exam, we can recommend services to resolve your issues. With a custom oral guard, we can keep your teeth apart when you are resting. Stopping you from grinding and clenching your teeth can protect you against enamel damage and reduce stress on your joints and teeth that creates problems.

Dealing With Worn Or Chipped Enamel

When a patient has already experienced dental damage or other concerns linked to bruxism, we can help! After a review, we can see what kind of procedure might be appropriate for restoring your smile. While cosmetic dental work can be effective, more involved care is necessary when damage interferes with your oral health.

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Treatment For Bruxism

Our dentist’s office in Corona, CA is prepared to help you take on issues that you have with bruxism. The sooner you reach out to discuss treatment, the sooner we can protect you from further harm! To find out more about us, or to make arrangements to visit one of our other locations closer to you, please reach out at the following:

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