If you have to schedule restorative dental work to address active problems with a tooth, you may worry that treatment will negatively affect your smile, or that it will not provide the support you really need. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can make sure that you have the right level of protection while we also take care to preserve your smile. We provide both partial and full dental crowns when patients need more protection that dental fillings offer. Because we make partial crowns available, we can minimize changes to your tooth structure while still giving you the right amount of protection if a filling is not sufficient.

How Dental Crowns Fit Into Restorative Treatment

Dental crowns are used to take care of more severe issues with dental decay, and to resolve problems with physical injuries that hurt your smile and oral health. A custom crown can completely cover your tooth to keep it safe from problems. When it is appropriate, we can also provide a partial crown to protect you while still preserving more of your enamel.

Will You Need A Partial Or Full Crown To Keep Your Tooth Safe?

By evaluating you, your dentist will determine just how much support you need from your restoration. While dental fillings are our first choice for treatment, we can take on more significant problems when we place dental crowns. In some cases, partial crowns are capable of giving you the support that you require, but if we need to provide more support, we can have a full crown custom-made as well. These restorations are made from a variety of materials, including substances like porcelain that match your enamel. As a result, we can take care of your smile while we also tend to your dental health!

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office About Treatment With A Dental Crown

When a dental crown is put in place, you can count on your treatment to keep your tooth safe long after your procedure takes place. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can make sure you have the support that you require with a custom filling, inlay or onlay, or full crown—when we take care of you, we will look for the most conservative solution we can count on to preserve your oral health. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, or if you want to reach one of our other locations closer to you, please reach out at the following:

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