Under typical circumstances, patients can have little difficulty waiting until their next scheduled checkup to visit their dentist’s office. During your routine appointments, you can count on care to keep you updated about the state of your teeth and gums, and you can receive beneficial cleanings that will remove harmful plaque and tartar that have accumulated. What you should know is that even in a situation where you do not feel you can simply wait for your next appointment, our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can help. Our practice is here to support patients during their dental emergencies. By doing so, we can help prevent complications and provide timely relief from discomfort!

Can You Arrange Prompt Care When You Have A Serious Oral Health Issue?

If something feel seriously wrong with your oral health, it can be difficult to know what your first step should be when you do not have dependable access to emergency oral health treatment. With this in mind, you should know that our practice is prepared to see our patients when they need help on short notice. Once you reach out, you can make arrangements to come in and have an issue evaluated. Trying to put off care when something feels wrong can be a mistake; in addition to spending more time with discomfort, you can face a greater risk for complications like tooth loss!

Our Commitment To Providing Emergency Oral Health Services

We are ready to provide restorative dental work on short notice when patients are concerned over their oral health. Whether you have discomfort from a possible infection or need to do something about a physical injury, we can bring you in and determine what it will take to resolve your active problems. It can be a relief to know that in situations where we need to act promptly to provide care, we can still prioritize treatment that supplies cosmetic benefits as well as lasting protection for teeth.

Your Riverside, CA Dentist Is Ready To Help If You Have An Urgent Dental Problem!

Our Riverside, CA dental office knows that some problems need to be addressed promptly. Without the timely care of an emergency appointment, it can be difficult to avoid further complications that raise your risk for new issues, including the potential loss of a vulnerable tooth! If you would like to find out more about how we can help you on short notice, you can reach any of our locations near you at the following:

Dental Associates of Riverside in Riverside, CA at (951) 369-1001.

Riverside Dental Group at Magnolia in Riverside, CA at (951) 689-5031.

Dental Associates of Moreno Valley in Moreno Valley, CA at (951) 697-6800.

Riverside Dental Group at Woodcrest in Riverside, CA at (951) 776-9001.

Oasis Family Dental in Temecula, CA at (951) 695-2290.

Dental Associates of Corona in Corona, CA at (951) 273-9580.