Through your regular dental exams and cleanings, you have opportunities to learn about potential problems with dental decay before you actually feel discomfort. Timely care limits the amount of harm done to your tooth structure and makes restorative work easier for you to undergo. Unfortunately, not everyone who needs this care will receive it in time. If you have a problem with an advanced cavity, our Corona, CA dentist’s office can help you. The more advanced care we provide can include root canal therapy, which will resolve problems with an infection within the tooth structure that are causing you discomfort.

How Serious Is Tooth Decay?

Even if tooth decay is caught and treated early, it will cause permanent harm to your tooth structure. As a result, it will have to be addressed with a restoration that remains in place to both support your bite function and preserve your health. The trouble with letting a cavity go unaddressed is that it will keep spreading and doing harm, and that will eventually lead to bacteria gaining access to the pulp, the tooth’s inner chamber. When this occurs, it will be more difficult to overlook the problem, as you can experience pain as well as swelling in the tissues around the tooth.

Treating A Cavity That Has Led To A Tooth Infection

If your tooth has become infected, there are actions that we can take to resolve the matter. Through a root canal, we are able to access the space within the tooth where living tissues are housed and clear away bacteria and harmful microbes. After treating this space, we will provide protection by sealing it before we place a custom dental crown.

Protecting Yourself Against Future Advanced Cavities

The more consistent you are with your daily oral hygiene efforts, and the more you stick with routine dental exams, the less likely you are to have cavity troubles. Remember that good preventive habits call for more than just directly caring for your teeth. Your diet choices matter as well. Lowering your sugar intake and drinking more water can make you less vulnerable to the onset of dental decay!

Talk To Your Corona, CA Dentist About Treatment For Advanced Dental Decay

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