After injuring a tooth, you can feel unsure of what to do. How vulnerable are you to the problem growing more serious? How can you make sure that this issue is properly managed? Will treatment benefit your smile as well as your health? At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can provide support to help you deal with this problem in a timely manner. After meeting with you, we can assess just how severe the problem is, and from there we can recommend the appropriate care to fully resolve it. You may find that you need more involved restorative treatment to fully address the harm that has occurred, but in many cases more conservative cosmetic services are capable of helping.

How Worried Should You Be If You Injure Your Tooth?

If you injure a tooth, you should take the matter seriously. If the damage is severe enough, you can find that you are limited in your ability to bite and chew, and you can also be vulnerable to an infection. Harm that seems less significant at first can worsen in time if you do not seek the appropriate care. One thing to keep in mind is that it is difficult for you to decide just how serious the problem might be without professional feedback. The sooner you have your dentist look at the problem, the sooner you can learn what should be done.

Restorative Work With A Lifelike Crown Is Available

Treatment with a lifelike dental crown is capable of helping you protect your tooth and preserve its health after an injury. We can actually provide a restoration that imitates your healthy enamel, so you will not have to worry about what your smile will look like after this experience. In some cases, a tooth will need to undergo root canal therapy to address internal problems before a crown is placed.

We Can Meet With You To Provide Urgently Needed Dental Work

If you need to do something about your dental injury as soon as possible, our office can help you. Scheduling an emergency dental appointment gives you access to help on short notice so a painful injury, or one that is likely to worsen, is dealt with before you have to endure complications.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Treating Your Injured Tooth

Our practice is prepared to support you in the event that you need to do something about a dental injury! To learn how you can count on our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, or how any of our other locations near you can support you, reach out to us at the following:

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