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If you have a damaged tooth or wake up with a sudden ache, we could design a restoration to return the beautiful look of your smile. By neglecting to repair breaks in a tooth’s surface, you could risk developing cavities or an infection of the inner pulp chamber. By treating your tooth on time, we can save it from needing an extraction and preserve your healthy material.

At your Temecula, CA dental practice, we repair teeth to prevent them from wearing further away or leading to further complications with your oral health. The right approach to restorative dentistry can return the alignment of your bite if it has begun to degrade. By learning about your options for restorative care, you may be pleased to pursue dental treatment.

When Teeth Need Repair

When your teeth are healthy, their enamel layer withstands the force of your bite throughout each day. This hard substance helps you chew while protecting the more sensitive dentin and pulp layers beneath. But when physical injury or decay wears down this protective seal, your smile can succumb to risks such as infection and cavities. As the structure of your teeth wears away, your bite comes out of alignment and can lead to complications with your oral health. By alerting us to a developing problem, we can inspect your mouth to suggest a reliable repair.

Dental Fillings

For teeth that experience decay, we can often clear damaged material and reseal a cavity with a dental filling. This prevents bacteria from reinfecting the hole left behind from clearing out your decay. Modern resin materials allow us to shade your filling to the specific color of your smile. This alternative to amalgam fillings can harden completely during your visit, meaning you can enjoy food and drink upon leaving our practice.

Custom Crowns

When decay or injury damages your tooth beyond repair with a filling, a dental crown can seal the remaining material completely above your gumline. This restoration can also be used with an implant to replace a missing tooth or one we extract. To take care of your crown after placement, continue practicing your oral hygiene routine as before.

Speak With Your Temecula, CA, Dentist About Restorative Dentistry

We want to offer treatments that blend with your smile and provide quality restoration after a dental injury. To schedule a visit or ask any questions about our services, call any of our dental offices near you:

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