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Taking steps to improve your gum health helps you preserve the tissues that connect your smile to your jaw. When you understand the symptoms that indicate a potential infection, you can seek treatment that more quickly. Fortunately, caught at its earliest stage, gingivitis is reversible. But if the oral bacteria that infect your gums reaches the bone, the disease must be managed for life. If you notice red, sore tissues, have issues with bleeding every time you brush your teeth or bad breath, let us know right away! This condition is the leading cause of missing teeth among adults, so protecting your gums is vital to preserving your smile long-term!

At your Temecula, CA, dental office, we encourage a preventive approach to your oral care. That means combining your at-home brushing and flossing habits with regular visits for cleanings and exams. By scheduling regular checkups, we can inspect your tissues to ensure that any active concerns are caught as soon as they appear. When it comes to gum health, this means detecting gingivitis before it advances to a more permanent state. If we discover disease symptoms, we can put you on periodontal maintenance therapy to go under the gumline and clear all bacterial deposits. By taking time to recognize these symptoms, you do your part to protect your gums!

The Importance Of Regular Checkups And Cleanings

The same actions you take to fight tooth decay help protect your gums from infection. That is because the oral bacteria deposits that wear away at your enamel cause inflammation and infection of the gingival tissues as well. When inflammation builds from a variety of causes, the gum tissues recede, opening pockets between your teeth where bacteria can deposit. These deposits then feed the inflammatory process, contributing to more destruction of gum and bone material. Eventually, the bacteria can reach your jawbone and become a permanent infection.

Periodontal Therapy

If we detect gum disease, we will perform a scaling and root planing procedure to clear bacteria both above and below your gum line. We peel the gum tissues off the root to clean and polish its entire surface. This allows your gums to heal more easily and reattach, reducing your symptoms of soreness, bleeding, and bad breath.

Talk To Your Temecula, CA, Dentist About Treatments To Preserve Your Gums

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