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Learning you have a gum infection can be rather disappointing. However, understanding how to best care for your disease can help you preserve your smile. Because your gums provide the connection between your teeth and jawbone, protecting them from further damage is vital to preventing the possibility of losing teeth. When you attend dental checkups regularly, you are more likely to discover a gum problem early in its development. Because gum disease is only reversible in its first stage, this is key to curing your disease state. Once your infection reaches the bone, it becomes permanent, but with regular maintenance, we can help you enjoy a healthy smile for years to come. If you experience symptoms like red, puffy tissues, soreness, or bleeding each time you brush, call us right away. We will schedule an immediate appointment to get your health under control.

At your Riverside, CA, dental office, we take a proactive approach to protecting gum health. This means recommending biannual cleanings and examinations to prevent the cause of infection as well as detect it as soon as it occurs. When we discover active cases of the disease, we can offer more advanced periodontal treatments that help you place it into remission.

When Was Your Last Cleaning And Examination?

If it has been longer than a year since your last dental cleaning, schedule one as soon as possible. Your professional cleaning removes the same bacterial deposits that cause both tooth decay and gum disease. At these meetings, we visually inspect the entire oral cavity to detect any abrupt changes since your last visit. Regular removal of plaque helps us prevent the inflammatory state that leads to loss of connective tissue and bone.

Periodontal Maintenance

When you have a permanent infection, we will place you on periodontal maintenance to help preserve your smile. This may begin with a scaling and root planing procedure that goes below your gumline as well as above to clear all bacterial deposits from your pockets. This treatment may take from one to four visits to complete depending on your level of outbreak. As you heal from your procedure, your gum tissues reattach to the tooth’s root, helping resolve your irritation and inflammatory state.

Speak With Your Riverside, CA, Dentist About Treatments To Preserve Your Gums

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