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4 Reasons You May Need an Extraction

Did you know that in some cases removing a natural tooth can improve the health and potentially the appearance of your smile? What may seem counterproductive can actually be essential. We offer safe and caring tooth removal should you require one. There are a number of reasons you may need an extraction.

Calm Dental Experiences with Sedation

Many patients receive intravenous sedation while undergoing surgical procedures of all types. Surgery is never something deemed as a relaxing experience in general, but sedation allows people to go through the nerve-wracking moments without remembering any discomfort. When it comes to dentistry, IV sedation is certainly not the only option. The Temecula dentists at the Oasis Family… Read more »

Oral Surgery from Temecula Dentists

at the Oasis Family Dental offer the specialty of oral surgery in their dental practice. Common oral surgeries include removal of wisdom teeth, biopsies to remove suspicious spots, tumors, or cysts, surgery to help with TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) tooth extraction, and frenectomies. To learn more, read today’s blog on some specifics of oral surgery.

Dental Implants Explained by Riverside Dental Group Associates

More than half of Americans will have lost one or more teeth by the time they reach their middle years.The most common causes for tooth loss include gum disease, tooth decay, sports injuries, automobile collisions, and accidental falls. However, the result is always the same: that missing tooth can have an adverse impact your quality… Read more »

Prosthodontic Treatment and Oral Surgery in Riverside, CA

Last week, we discussed the orthodontic, periodontic, and endodontic services we provide to our Riverside, CA dental patients at Dental Associates of Riverside. Today, we’d like to discuss two other dental services we offer that go beyond the realm of general and preventive dental care: prosthodontics and oral and maxillofacial surgery. What is Prosthodontic Treatment?… Read more »