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The Best Time to Brush Your Teeth

at Oasis Family Dental will explain more about timing your brushing for optimal dental health. Enamel Erosion from Acid When you brush your teeth immediately after meals or consuming drinks that are acidic, your teeth can really suffer. Dr. Howard R. Gamble, president of the Academy of General Dentistry notes that

TMJ Disorder and Fibromyalgia Connected by Riverside Dentist

of Riverside Dental Group will explain more about the two conditions. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder The ability to close and open your mouth is provided by your temporomandibular joints. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is usually suspected when patients present with pain and stiffness in those joints of the jaw. Jaw injuries, stress, and teeth grinding can… Read more »

Riverside Dentist Tests Your Candy Knowledge

Do you think all candy affects your teeth the same way? Many people simply assume that candy is bad for teeth, no matter what. Although candy rarely benefits your teeth, there could be great disparity in the amount of tooth enamel damage caused by some candies versus others. The dentists at Dental Associates of Riverside… Read more »

Riverside Dentist Discusses How to Avoid Bad Breath

Do you know a friend, coworker, or family member with bad breath? The development of foul breath could be caused by an array of factors, but studies show 80% of halitosis (chronic bad breath) cases develop orally. In some cases, conditions such as acid reflux or even liver disease can lead to the development of… Read more »

Riverside Dentists Visit the History of Dentistry

Learning about the lives and habits of humans passed can be interesting. Considering the advancements of dentistry today, you may wonder how our ancestors must have corrected the dental problems of their times. Discoveries of ancient remains have shown that as early as 7000 BC, humans seemed to have already attempted to alleviate tooth discomfort…. Read more »

Dental Associates of Riverside Discuss Tobacco Use and Oral Health

When people think of health issues related to smoking, lung cancer and other respiratory-related illnesses usually come to mind. However, smoking can have detrimental effects on your oral health, as well. Today, our Riverside dentists share some facts about the hazards of tobacco use. Tobacco and Your Oral Health Research suggests that tobacco use may… Read more »

Dental Implants Explained by Riverside Dental Group Associates

More than half of Americans will have lost one or more teeth by the time they reach their middle years.The most common causes for tooth loss include gum disease, tooth decay, sports injuries, automobile collisions, and accidental falls. However, the result is always the same: that missing tooth can have an adverse impact your quality… Read more »