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Crowning Your Tooth as the King of Your Mouth

Crowns may have represented riches and royalty in history. Dental crowns signify something altogether different – dental restoration. If you have lost or broken a tooth due to injury or decay, a crown might be the best way to restore both form and function to your teeth. Sometimes crowns can end up becoming ill-fitted, or… Read more »

Is Your Filling Too High? Riverside Dentists Answer

A great many of us have been recipients of dental fillings at some point. In spite of great efforts to brush and floss and visit the dentist regularly, cavities can still happen to anyone. Do you have any recollection of the dentist putting a piece of paper in your mouth and asking you to bite… Read more »

Moreno Valley Dentists Offer Smile Makeovers

Smiling is known to improve your quality of life. As you contort the 44 muscles in your face into a joyous smile, you are giving yourself a happier life.  Yearbook photo smiles have proven to indicate future career and relationship successes. Smiling releases endorphins just like winning a small lottery or eating chocolate. If you… Read more »

Temecula Dentists Discuss Root Canal Therapy’s Bad Reputation

is performed under a local anesthetic and will restore the health of your mouth while saving the structure of the affected tooth. If you feel nervous or frightened, your dentist can even offer gentle sedation options. Your Temecula dentists at Oasis Family Dental want to discuss root canal therapy to help patients feel better informed… Read more »

All About White Fillings from Your Corona Dentist

What are white fillings? These . Why are fillings important? Your teeth are not self-healing. This means that when your tooth becomes infected, professional dental care is vital to prevent the spread of tooth decay. Untreated cavities will travel deeper into your tooth’s layers, damaging your tooth enamel, breaching your soft layer of dentin, and… Read more »

Dental Implants Explained by Riverside Dental Group Associates

More than half of Americans will have lost one or more teeth by the time they reach their middle years.The most common causes for tooth loss include gum disease, tooth decay, sports injuries, automobile collisions, and accidental falls. However, the result is always the same: that missing tooth can have an adverse impact your quality… Read more »

All about Dental Crowns from your Riverside Dentists

 from porcelain crowns, to PFMs and zirconia crowns, and how each can help improve your smile. The Need for Dental Crowns Excessive tooth decay from internally infected teeth can wreak havoc on your oral health. If a cavity is not addressed in a timely fashion, the decay will reach deeper into the tooth, destroying the… Read more »