will discuss loosened teeth in adults.

Loosened Teeth from Gum Disease

One of the most frequent causes of a loose permanent tooth is periodontal disease (gum disease). Gingivitis (early gum disease) can be successfully treated with relative ease before any long-term damage is sustained. However, if you notice color changes in the gum tissue, bleeding gums, or loose teeth, arrange an appointment with your Corona family dentists right away. Gum disease can be treated and the tooth can possibly retighten with quick action. However, left alone, the loose tooth will eventually fall out.

Loosened Teeth from Injury

Accidental traumatic injury to the mouth or jaw is another common cause of tooth loosening. Car accidents, sports injuries, physical fights, and falls are all known to cause injury severe enough that a tooth or teeth might be loosened. Getting to the dentist as soon as possible is imperative. You need to be examined for nerve, gum tissue, and tooth damage. The examination needs to take place as soon as possible, before further or irreparable damage occurs. With a slightly loosened tooth, it should tighten on its own within two weeks. If not, you should contact your dentist again for further examination and treatment.

Visit Your Corona Family Dentists

Remember, if your regular dentist is not available when you sustain an injury to your teeth or gums, find the closest emergency dentist and call them as quickly as possible. At Dental Associates of Corona, we offer  by calling (951) 273-9580. We serve patients in the 92879 area and surrounding communities.