If you are on a twice-yearly checkup schedule, which your affordable oral surgeon in Riverside, CA highly recommends, your dentist has probably seen you in the last six months. Many routine appointments consist of cleaning your teeth, checking your gums, and looking in and around your mouth for changes. Your dentist may also take X-rays, to check the development of wisdom teeth. If there are signs of trouble, it may be recommended that they be removed at an oral surgery appointment. If you’ve been referred for wisdom tooth extraction, answers to these FAQs may help.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are molars, which means they were designed for grinding and chewing food, and they are located in the back portion of your jaw. Wisdom teeth are also known as third molars, and they probably served a useful function at some point in the distant past. There was a time when teeth wore down or became diseased at fairly early ages, and having a third set of molars might have been needed to maintain good nutrition.

Why Are They A Problem?

With better nutrition, food that is easier to chew, and advances in dental care, many people have a full mouth of healthy teeth in their late teens and early twenties, when wisdom teeth typically try to emerge. Instead of slipping into an empty space in a jaw that had lost molars due to damage, wisdom teeth may be impacted (or penned up behind other teeth) or hemmed in by bone. Additionally, many jaws do not have room for additional teeth, and wisdom teeth could undo careful years of braces, or displace well-aligned teeth into uncomfortable positions.

Why Is Oral Surgery Necessary?

Depending on individual wisdom teeth situations, it may not be a simple procedure to extract wisdom teeth. Oral surgeons have additional years of dental and medical training, to enable them to evaluate, diagnose and navigate the care of complex  dental situations. In addition, oral surgeons can administer anesthesia, to ensure patient comfort during a complicated extraction. If you have been referred to an oral surgeon for your wisdom tooth extraction, you know you will be getting the expert support that you need.

If Your Wisdom Teeth Require Extraction, Turn to An Oral Surgeon

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