Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to arrive, and for many people that arrival is not a welcome one. People often lack the space to accommodate these teeth, also known as third molars, so their eruption can create problems with crowding as other teeth are pushed in. This can lead to pain, and it can even interfere with the alignment of your smile! At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we are prepared to deal with wisdom teeth before they cause problems. Through oral surgery, we can actually remove wisdom teeth safely before their eruption creates trouble with your oral health. Make sure you stay consistent with your oral health exams to stay informed about their potential arrival, as this gives you the opportunity to schedule care before problems arise.

Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Pain, Crowding, And Other Concerns

People tend to lack adequate space for their third molars, and this can create problems for them as those molars begin to erupt. Wisdom teeth often become impacted upon arrival, as they do not have enough space to arrive without shifting. Your wisdom teeth can make you uncomfortable as they cause crowding – in some cases, teeth can be pushed in to the point of affecting how they are aligned. These problems are frequent and worrying enough that early extraction via oral surgery is often recommended.

Removing Wisdom Teeth Before They Erupt

If wisdom teeth extraction is recommended, we can bring you in to perform oral surgery in order to safely take them out before you start to develop oral health issues. By accessing and extracting them in this way, issues with your alignment are not affected, and we can avoid the painful problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth. Local anesthetic administered before treatment aids in keeping you comfortable. We can also provide dental sedation to further help you stay calm and comfortable during your procedure.

Make Sure You Stay Informed About The State Of Your Oral Health

If you are not attending regular dental exams, you may not realize how close your wisdom teeth are to erupting and creating problems for your oral health. Remember that these visits are about more than just checking you for cavities. Every time you come in, your dentist has the opportunity to closely watch for any problems that might impact your dental and general well-being!

Discuss Wisdom Teeth Removal With Your Riverside, CA Dentist’s Office

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