If tooth pain has you concerned, bring the matter to your dentist’s attention. The trouble you experience can be a warning that you need treatment for an infection, which can develop due to advanced dental decay or because of an injury. At our Riverside, CA dental office, we can evaluate it to see what the source of your trouble is, and so that we can determine what kind of care you require. Problems of this nature can make you vulnerable to tooth loss. However, if the matter is caught in time, we can respond by performing root canal treatment.

A Serious Toothache Can Certainly Be A Cause For Concern

You can find it hard to ignore the feeling something is wrong when you have a persistent toothache. The more time you spend with this problem, the more it can make you uneasy about your overall oral health. You should bring up your concern with your dentist, particularly if the pain is severe, or if it has been present for several days. By delaying a review, you can let the problem grow more serious, and that can lead to complications. Eventually, an internal problem can become so serious that your only option is to have the tooth extracted.

Is There Still Time To Save Your Tooth?

Your dentist will have to take a close look at your tooth to see what kind of restorative dental procedure is recommended. When injuries and infections are caught in time, root canal treatment can put an end to your difficulties by removing bacteria and damaged tissues. After we perform this procedure, we can seal your pulp and make plans to protect the tooth with a custom crown.

We Can Restore Your Smile If Your Tooth Has To Be Extracted

If there is no way to save a tooth, an extraction will put an end to discomfort, and it will protect you against oral health complications that creates new problems. After carefully removing the unhealthy tooth, we can work with you on restoring your smile by providing prosthetic dental work. Your options include work with dental implants to provide stability, better bite strength, and more oral health support.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Treatment For Your Aching Tooth

An aching tooth can be more than just a nuisance, as it can be a warning that you need dental work for a serious oral health issue! Our practice is prepared to help if you find yourself in need of treatment on short notice. To learn more, you can reach one of our offices near you by calling the following:

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