Enamel erosion can gradually alter a person’s smile; while it is often hard to notice the effects for many years, some will see changes worrying and unflattering changes relatively young. There are different reasons for this, as factors like your diet choices, hygiene, issues with teeth grinding, and natural enamel strength can all affect the rate of wear and tear. What you can find is that with the right procedure, you can take on this problem and regain confidence in a smile that is more youthful, symmetrical, and attractive! Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is happy to help with this and other cosmetic concerns. We should note that we are also ready to help if unresolved bruxism has contributed to your smile woes.

Gradual Wear And Tear On Teeth Can Rob You Of Confidence In Your Smile

The erosion of your smile over time can leave you with teeth that appear flattened or misshapen. In some cases, wear and tear can build and cause minor chips and cracks to form. This can ultimately make you concerned over your health as well as your appearance. That being said, the problem is often one that we can treat through conservative cosmetic dental work. As we evaluate you and determine what the right kind of care is for you, we can talk to you about the role that bruxism may be playing in this problem. If necessary, we can make sure your smile is protected against a habit of grinding and clenching while you sleep.

Planning Cosmetic Work To Restore How You Look

Different cosmetic dental services can take on problems with misshapen and damaged teeth. With either porcelain veneers or dental bonding work, we can make the appropriate changes so that your smile is no longer showing the signs of erosion. Procedures like these also help hide problems with damage and discoloration.

Your Excess Enamel Wear Could Be Due To Bruxism

If we find that your issues with excess wear and tear are linked to ongoing nightly teeth grinding, we can provide a custom oral appliance to help you. The guard is carefully designed so that it will stay in place throughout the night; wearing it ensures that your smile will not experience further harm from unconscious grinding and clenching.

Talk To Your Riverside, CA Dentist About Taking On Issues With Enamel Wear

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