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Protect Your Kids From Cavities This Holiday Season

While few families have the exact same holiday plans, it is likely that your family will enjoy a few of your favorite seasonal treats, and can also enjoy a welcome break from work and school. While these are certainly all enjoyable, the things we do to celebrate around the holidays can sometimes make us more… Read more »

What Does Your Dentist Do To Help Kids Prevent Cavities?

Before kids are old enough to brush and floss for themselves, their parents take on an active role in cleaning their teeth. This daily commitment to their smile care is important. In addition to protecting them against oral bacteria that can cause tartar formation and cavities, you can help your kids see dental care as… Read more »

How Do I Convince My Kids To Take Smile Care Seriously?

As the holidays near, you and your family can look forward to fun activities that involve more than a few seasonal treats. Because of this, it can be an especially important time to make sure your kids know how important it is for them to protect their teeth from problems like tooth decay. Are your… Read more »

How Alarmed Should I Be If My Child Has A Cavity?

Until they are old enough to do it for themselves, children need their parents’ help with keeping their teeth clean. By taking care of their teeth at home, and bringing them in for regular pediatric dental exams, you can lower your child’s risk for tooth decay. Unfortunately, cavities do form and affect the oral health… Read more »

Preventive Measures We Take To Protect Kids From Cavities

When you have children, you can quickly learn just how much support they need in order to stay healthy and happy. Fortunately, you have an ally in your Riverside, CA dentist when it comes to managing your child’s oral health! Our practice can provide consistent care for our youngest patients. During appointments, we will carefully… Read more »

How We Make Kids Feel At Ease In The Dentist’s Office

Are you bringing your child to the right dentist’s office? The right practice can do more than just make sure a child’s teeth remain healthy. Kids benefit from positive early experiences with their dentist. When they develop a favorable impression, they can be more comfortable making future trips to the office, and they can be… Read more »

Finding A Dental Office That Is Ready To Help Your Child

While patients can have many common concerns, anyone who comes to our Temecula, CA dentist’s office should be able to count on treatment that focuses on their individual needs. That commitment to providing the right care for every patient extends to our youngest patients. If you have had trouble finding a dental office for your… Read more »

Sealants And Fluoride Treatment Protect Kids Against Decay

How much can you really do to keep your kids safe against tooth decay? As they age, kids will reach a point where they no longer need their parents’ help with brushing and flossing. However, even if you are not physically caring for their teeth any longer, you still need to help them remain free… Read more »

Encouraging Kids To Brush And Floss On Their Own

Is your child old enough to brush and floss their teeth without your help? As kids take on more responsibilities for themselves, it can sometimes be difficult to know what they are or are not ready for. Even if they feel that they can competently clean their teeth without your direct assistance, they may lack… Read more »

What Can I Do To Make My Kids Less Vulnerable To Cavities?

Parents are understandably worried about keeping their kids as healthy as possible. For first-time parents in particular, it can feel intimidating to go through the many responsibilities you have when it comes to keeping them safe. As soon as your child’s teeth start to appear, that list of responsibilities will include cavity prevention. Fortunately, this… Read more »