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Riverside Dentists Discuss How Turkeys Chew Without Teeth

Thanksgiving came and went, but many people still have a little turkey left over for delicious sandwiches. People throughout the country devoured food over the holiday and probably consumed that food with the help of their teeth. Taking care of teeth is certainly important around the holiday season since people see an uptick in consumption… Read more »

Corona Dentists: Turkeys Chew Food without Teeth

Now that Thanksgiving smells fill the air, oven-roasted turkeys star in the show. Around the country, people will set their sights on devouring a hearty holiday feast filled with vegetables, sugary treats, and starchy side dishes. Thanksgiving can present a difficult challenge for teeth. When thinking about eating a holiday turkey, the thought might arise… Read more »

Holiday Dental Emergency: Corona Dentists Discuss

With the holidays fast approaching, a variety of dental emergencies could occur. Holiday decorations often involve stringing popcorn throughout the house. Those decorations might appear tasty, but eating popcorn from holidays passed could result in a dental emergency. The holidays can cause an increased amount of stress and anxiety. This holiday season, many patients might… Read more »

Riverside Dentist Discusses Advantages of Dental Implants

Is your smile less than perfect? If you’re suffering of tooth loss, dental implants might be a suitable solution to the problem.The causes of tooth loss can vary, as can the method by which teeth are replaced.The team at Riverside Dental Group offers a few reasons why dental implants could be right for you. Dental… Read more »

Dental Implants Explained by Riverside Dental Group Associates

More than half of Americans will have lost one or more teeth by the time they reach their middle years.The most common causes for tooth loss include gum disease, tooth decay, sports injuries, automobile collisions, and accidental falls. However, the result is always the same: that missing tooth can have an adverse impact your quality… Read more »