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Corona Dentists Realistically Restore Missing Teeth

at Dental Associates of Corona are adamant that we should embrace the amazing technology that exists in dentistry. Consider dental implants as an investment in making your teeth better than ever before, providing strength, bone density, and the ultimate in aesthetics. Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental Implants Offered from Corona Dentists

at Dental Associates of Corona can provide any of these methods for restoring missing teeth. Dental implants have fast become one of the most popular choices. In today’s blog, we will tell you why. What Are Dental Implants? Dental implants are an example of some of the most innovative recent technology in dentistry.

Moreno Valley Dentists Offer Dentures and Dental Implants

at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley will impart you with knowledge of your options. Dentures Explained Dentures are comprised of acrylic composite material made to look like natural gum tissue, with attached tooth-like dental crowns. Traditional dentures sit on the top of your gums. The apparatus relies upon natural suction or store-bought adhesives to stay… Read more »

Tooth Loss Creates Problems in a Zipper and in Your Jaw

Gideon Sundback designed the modern zipper in the early 1900’s. Since then, the design has been improved greatly. Early manufacturing materials included only metal while today’s zippers can be made from plastic and other sources. You find zippers in clothing, on backpacks, purses, tents, boat windows, sleeping bags, suitcases, and in many other applications. When… Read more »

Riverside Dentists Discuss How Turkeys Chew Without Teeth

Thanksgiving came and went, but many people still have a little turkey left over for delicious sandwiches. People throughout the country devoured food over the holiday and probably consumed that food with the help of their teeth. Taking care of teeth is certainly important around the holiday season since people see an uptick in consumption… Read more »

Corona Dentists: Turkeys Chew Food without Teeth

Now that Thanksgiving smells fill the air, oven-roasted turkeys star in the show. Around the country, people will set their sights on devouring a hearty holiday feast filled with vegetables, sugary treats, and starchy side dishes. Thanksgiving can present a difficult challenge for teeth. When thinking about eating a holiday turkey, the thought might arise… Read more »

Holiday Dental Emergency: Corona Dentists Discuss

With the holidays fast approaching, a variety of dental emergencies could occur. Holiday decorations often involve stringing popcorn throughout the house. Those decorations might appear tasty, but eating popcorn from holidays passed could result in a dental emergency. The holidays can cause an increased amount of stress and anxiety. This holiday season, many patients might… Read more »