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Extractions: 4 Tips For Feeling Confident

Have you contacted us to schedule a dental extraction? While you know this is an essential treatment to restore your oral health (or prepare it for future treatment), are you still struggling with feelings of uncertainty or hesitation? Rather than dreading the arrival of your appointment, we would like to help you feel confident about… Read more »

3 Ways To Avoid Extractions

In some cases, dental extractions are absolutely necessary and there’s nothing you can do to prevent them – for instance, you may find that your wisdom teeth need to be removed because they threaten your oral health. However, in many cases, an extraction becomes needed due to damage or issues with oral health, which you… Read more »

Ask Your Questions About Wisdom Tooth Removal

Are you familiar with the reasons we suggest wisdom tooth removal? Do you wonder if, perhaps, you will require the extraction of your wisdom teeth – also called “third molars” – but you are lacking the details you need? First, we always recommend that you schedule an appointment with us if you are uncertain about… Read more »

Dental Extractions: True Or False Quiz

Unless you’re receiving an extraction to make additional room for orthodontic treatment, your tooth needs to go to protect your smile. In some cases, a dental extraction protects your oral health by removing a source of infection or discomfort – in others, it’s a preventive option to keep a wisdom tooth from harming your already existing… Read more »

Wisdom Tooth Removal 101

If you thought your teeth-growing days were over after middle school, you’re in for a treat. You see, you may develop another set of teeth called wisdom teeth during your 20s. The good news? In some cases, this does not cause any sort of problem whatsoever. Some people don’t even develop these teeth. However, for… Read more »

Simple Extractions: Your FAQs

We recognize that you may have mixed feelings when we recommend tooth removal to solve your oral health problem. Rest assured, we suggest extractions as a last resort when other restorative treatments cannot heal or repair your tooth. This does not mean, however, that an extraction is something to feel badly about. In fact, we… Read more »

When Does a Patient Need Extraction?

While it may seem counterproductive at first, a dental is sometimes necessary to ensure the overall health and comfort of your smile. At Dental Associates of Corona, our team can perform a comfortable tooth removal and then discuss your tooth replacement options. Today, we look at a few common situations in which a patient requires… Read more »