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Your Moreno Valley Dentists Quiz You on Teeth Grinding

Last week we spoke about TMJ issues. Teeth grinding can go hand-in-hand with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Bruxism (the clinical name for teeth grinding) can be a subconscious reaction to stress and anxiety. Or it can be the result of a misaligned bite or crooked teeth. Fortunately, the solution to teeth grinding is often as… Read more »

TMJ Pain Explained by Moreno Valley Dentists

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) can manifest in pain in the muscles and joints on the side of your face that help you open and close your mouth. These joints (often referred to as TMJs) act as hinges to help you open and close your mouth. Every moment that you talk, yawn, or chew, your jaw… Read more »

3 Rules for Chewing Gum from Riverside Dentists

encourage you to go ahead and chew your gum. But before you pop a piece in your mouth, remember these three rules: 1. choose a sugar-free gum; 2. consider xylitol; and 3. no marathon chewing. How Sugar-Free Gum Can Prevent Cavities Our Riverside dentists agree that brushing your teeth after every meal is a good… Read more »

How much do you know about TMJ disorder?

TMJ Disorder Questions Q1. Which of the following does not describe TMJ disorder? A. Issues with jaw pain B. TMD C. Temporary mouth joint disorder D. Temporomandibular joint disorder   Q2. Which of the following is the temporomandibular joint? A. A joint in your neck B. The hinge joint for your lower jaw C. Your… Read more »