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3 Signs You Are Living With TMJ Disorder

There are several types of aches and pains that you can experience if you have TMJ disorder. This problem stems from issues with poor alignment and improper jaw movement. When you have these issues and do not resolve them, you can struggle with discomfort on a daily basis, find it harder to bite and chew,… Read more »

3 Symptoms That Point To Problems With TMJ Disorder

How can you be sure that you are struggling with TMJ disorder? There is no single reason people start to experience difficulty with this condition. However, there are several symptoms often associated with it that you can identify and bring up with your dentist. Ignoring TMJ disorder can lead to trouble – you can experience… Read more »

TMJ Therapy Can Solve Your Problems With Chronic Jaw Pain

If you are not able to eat, speak, or yawn without feeling pain or stiffness in your jaw joints, you should be concerned that TMJ disorder is affecting your life. There is no single reason that people experience TMJ disorder. Simply put, the problem develops when your jaw joints are no longer in alignment, which… Read more »

How Can I Alleviate Problems With Jaw Pain And Stiffness?

Jaw pain and stiffness should not be a regular aspect of your daily life. If you are continually impacted by difficult or uncomfortable movement when biting, chewing, and speaking, it can suggest a problem with TMJ disorder. People who experience TMJ disorder have their problems caused by different issues that result in improper jaw joint… Read more »

Discussing TMJ Disorder And Treatment During A Checkup

When your dentist looks at your smile during a routine evaluation, what are they really looking for? It may come as no surprise that these routine visits are an opportunity to check you for signs of dental decay, but cavities are not the only matter we watch for. While evaluating you, your dentist will look… Read more »

Discussing Jaw Pain And Stiffness At A Dental Checkup

At a routine dental checkup, you should feel free to talk about more than just tooth decay. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can speak with you about a range of concerns you have about your oral health. For example, if you are struggling with stiffness or pain in your jaw when you speak or chew,… Read more »

Why Am I Having A Hard Time Moving My Jaw?

Under normal circumstances, you should not experience pain or resistance while opening and closing your mouth. However, some people do have a hard time biting, chewing, and speaking because of discomfort, or because they find those movements difficult. If you are someone who experiences discomfort when moving their jaw, it can be a sign that… Read more »

Address Chronic Pain By Arranging Treatment For TMJ Disorder

Would you volunteer to live with chronic pain if the choice was offered to you? It may seem like a silly question, but it is a choice individuals unintentionally make when they ignore signs of TMJ disorder. This problem refers to troubles with your jaw joints and muscles that can result from stress, physical injury,… Read more »

Is It Time To Ask Your Dentist About TMJ Treatment?

Are you having a difficult time moving your jaw whenever you talk, laugh, or eat? Are you regularly experiencing painful headaches, or struggling with pain in your face or neck? Over time, an unresolved problem with your jaw can lead to persistent troubles with TMJ disorder. This problem can make the movement of your jaw… Read more »

Did You Know? November Is TMJ Awareness Month! 

Surprise! November, amongst other exciting things, is TMJ Awareness Month! While you may not be sure how to celebrate or recognize something like this, your Riverside dentist has all of the tips you need. Particularly for those who are not necessarily certain about what it takes to detect or treat TMJ disorder (when your jaw… Read more »