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Got A Toothache? Don’t Let It Scare You.

We know that when a toothache shows up, you can go from feeling footloose and fancy free to a bit scared out of your wits! While pain or general discomfort is not something that anyone enjoys dealing with, we would like to remind patients that this is no reason to let yourself feel afraid. Why… Read more »

Less Obvious Reasons You Think You Have A Toothache

There are those obvious reasons that you may have a toothache, of course: You bit into something that was hard. You have a cavity that needs a filling but you haven’t set up your appointment yet. You got hit in the mouth with a volleyball and things are still a little bit uncomfortable. What you… Read more »

Quiz: Toothache Prevention And Water

You may think to yourself that if you could get through a year without a toothache and then requiring care to treat the problem, you would be so much happier. You may also have begun to accept this sort of discomfort as another part of life that you figure you’ll just have to deal with… Read more »

Toothache, Teethache, Or Not Sure?

Guess what? You might think that two of your teeth hurt but it turns out the only one affected is the one. You may feel like just one tooth hurts but you actually have an issue with a couple of them. Why is this the case, what’s it mean, and how should you go about… Read more »

Your Toothache: 3 Things To Understand

One of the most annoying things about dealing with a toothache is that you simply want it to go away. What’s worse? That you can try and try as you might but you will generally find that your efforts in your own home will either provide you with only a temporary respite from your frustration… Read more »

Toothaches: 3 Things Making It Worse

Did you know that you might be making your toothache worse? It’s possible that the little things you’re doing (or not doing) are contributing to a more severe sensation of pain! We encourage you to think through some possibilities to ensure you’re making things better and are headed toward a solution (instead of the opposite).

Toothaches: What You Should (And Shouldn’t) Listen To

When you have a toothache, where do you turn? Do you start thinking very hard about how you should respond, what it means, and what might happen? Do you call your mom, friend, aunt, or favorite cousin? Or, do you contact us immediately to set up a visit? For some quick, helpful guidance, consider who… Read more »

Each Toothache Sends a Message

We say to children “Use your words” but a tooth doesn’t have a direct way to tell you when something is wrong. In fact, the outer layers of a tooth don’t have nerves to sense pain, heat or cold. But a tooth has ways alert you when there is trouble. Whether a tooth is throbbing or just… Read more »

Your Toothache: 3 Steps Toward Relief

There’s a big difference between a quick twinge in your tooth and the onset of a toothache. Once that tooth begins to ache, hurt, or throb, it’s most certainly time to take steps toward doing something about it! If you’re not sure how to proceed, you may give in to the temptation to avoid the… Read more »