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3 Things To Remember About A Toothache

It’s not unlikely that you will experience a toothache at least once in your life. If you have a firm grasp on how to react to this type of discomfort, you will fare far better in protecting your oral health. To get you on track regarding your smile and this specific sensation, we encourage you… Read more »

Temporary Relief For Your Toothache

When you experience a very uncomfortable toothache (or one that simply persists), you know that the best thing to do is call us immediately to schedule a dental checkup. If anything is wrong, we can provide you with a restorative treatment to repair the problem. If nothing is seriously wrong, we can tell you what’s… Read more »

Quiz: How Can I Prevent Toothaches?

Why do our teeth hurt? At some point, nearly all of us will develop a painful . What causes this discomfort? What can we do to avoid it? At Dental Associates of Corona, our team understands the factors that can lead to discomfort. We can help you enjoy a healthier smile free of unnecessary tooth… Read more »

Toothaches on a Plane

from Riverside Dental Group want you to stay aware that gas pockets can develop inside your teeth when you fly, imposing possible discomfort, and even potential tooth damage. Are High-Altitude Toothaches Serious? People afflicted by barodontalgia are generally those that have undiagnosed cavities, fillings, deep tooth crevices, or mouth inflammation. During an airplane flight, sudden… Read more »

Dealing with Toothaches in Riverside, CA

seriously. Toothaches can stem from a number of causes. There are obvious reasons for oral pain, such as sudden dental injury from sports or an accident. Or a toothache can come on with no obvious cause, confusing you in your moment of shock and pain. A wise course is to educate yourself in advance so… Read more »