Riverside Dentists: How Wise Are You About Wisdom Teeth?

would like to challenge you to a quiz on wisdom teeth.


Q1. True or False – Wisdom teeth may have served a purpose in past evolutionary history, but are unnecessary in modern times.

Q2. True or False – Wisdom teeth that are only partially erupted should be left alone. (more…)

Family Dentists of Moreno Valley, CA on Brushing the Teeth of Young Children

urge parents to begin introducing small children to regular oral hygiene before their first tooth erupts. Does that sound counter-intuitive? Well, even without an actual tooth to brush, wiping gums with a clean washcloth after feedings will get babies used to having their mouths cleaned. As teeth begin to erupt, we offer you this guide to early brushing.

Brushing Toddler’s Teeth (more…)

Temecula General Dentists Challenge You to a Tongue Quiz

There is plenty of interesting trivia about the human tongue. Is it the strongest muscle in your body? Is it the only muscle that is not attached on both ends by connective tissue? Does it hold all but 10% of your taste buds? The answer to these questions is yes. Your Temecula general dentists from Oasis Family Dental would like to see what other tongue facts you are already aware of.


Q1. True or false – Taste buds die every few days. (more…)