Overview of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeries from Moreno Valley Dentists

 at Riverside Dental Group offer expertise if you should need a surgical procedure.

What is Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery?

A dental specialty, oral and maxillofacial surgery focuses on surgically treating conditions which affect the oral cavity, face, head, jaw, and neck. Moreno Valley dentists that are versed in this specialty utilize the assistance of our on-site anesthesiologist to be able to perform surgeries in our comfortable office. Some of the most common surgeries that we perform include removal of (more…)

Dentistry for Children in Corona, CA

at Riverside Dental Group are happy to provide such an environment, as well as multiple services for children, beyond cleanings and exams.

Orthodontics: The Younger the Better

Orthodontic issues are easiest when tackled in children. Though there’s certainly nothing wrong with an adult going after the straight teeth they’ve always wanted, straightening your child’s teeth (more…)

Woodcrest Dentists Offer Procedures to Fix Chipped Teeth

What happens if you sustain multiple chips in your teeth? You may feel like you can’t comfortably smile without feeling embarrassed over the way your teeth appear to others. Chips can happen for a number of reasons, and be tiny and barely noticeable, or quite obvious and distracting. Deep chips that extend through your tooth enamel also can expose you to tooth decay. If you have been wondering how cosmetic dentistry can enhance the quality of your smile, read on. Your Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group will explain two cosmetic dental procedures that can restore your teeth to the way they’re supposed to look. (more…)

Travel Plans? Beware of In-Flight Toothaches

from Riverside Dental Group will explain how gas pockets can get inside your teeth when you fly, imposing possible discomfort, and even potential tooth damage.

Are High-Altitude Toothaches Serious?

People that might be afflicted by barodontalgia are generally those that have undiagnosed cavities, (more…)