Valuable Removal Of Wisdom Teeth

Girl smiling outsideThe arrival of your wisdom teeth is a normal part of development for most adolescents and young adults, but unfortunately this appearance can cause great discomfort and pain. In addition to constant aching, the eruption of your third set of molars can damage the enamel of your other teeth and possibly crowd them out. This means there is often simply not enough room in your jaw for these last teeth. Even worse they can become impacted, or not fully emerge, and lead to other oral health problems below your gumline. At your Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we provide services to preserve the health of your smile by removing your wisdom teeth when they pose a threat. Appropriate removal can treat current painful symptoms and protect you against future complications to your other teeth. Our office provides a caring environment to perform your procedure and will aid you in a comfortable recovery over the subsequent weeks. (more…)

Cosmetic Treatments For Your Smile

Young woman smiling in front of deskAre you currently happy with the look of your teeth? The way your smile looks can have a profound effect on your self-confidence. Because it is the focal point of your appearance whenever you speak, blemishes on your smile can be an unwelcome distraction. Unfortunately, years of normal behavior can build up wear and tear on anyone’s teeth. Common food and drink can stain your enamel, and the simple act of biting and chewing can wear away at it as well. Seeking cosmetic dental treatment can provide desirable enhancements that return pride in your grin!

Your Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office offers multiple services that can customarily address your issues with your appearance. We will work in concert to design treatments for cracks and chips to your teeth, problems with discoloration, spacing gaps and more. Therapies such as porcelain veneers, bonding and contouring, and teeth whitening services can help you achieve a brilliant smile! (more…)

A Solution For TMJ Pain

Smiling woman holds mouthguard

Experiencing painful problems with the uneven, stiff, or awkward movement of your jaw can greatly reduce your quality of life. When you fail to address these issues, they continue and can lead to increased frequency and severity of discomfort. Your teeth may even begin to grind down as the jaw moves in unnatural positions. Reporting your symptoms to a professional can provide desirable treatment.

Your Riverside, CA dentist can evaluate pain or stiffness in your jaw and determine if you suffer from TMJ syndrome, a disorder of the temporomandibular joints. Proper diagnosis can lead to a noninvasive treatment to reduce the stiffness of your jaw and increase your daily comfort. We can determine if any grinding of your teeth is apparent and offer treatment to improve the appearance of any worn down structures. (more…)

Protecting The Health Of Your Gums

Smiling woman outdoorsWhen you practice healthy daily oral hygiene habits, you can prevent more than just the onset of tooth decay. Brushing and flossing your teeth removes the food and bacterial deposits that also contribute to possible infection of your gums. By regularly attending dental visits, we can protect the health of your gums with routine cleaning and inspection for any current infection. Because we can reverse disease at its first stage, it is incredibly important that you alert us promptly of any symptoms. If disease progresses into advanced stages, we can support your periodontal health with continual care and monitor its progression. Your Corona, CA dentist offers deep cleanings in addition to routine checkups to treat all stages of gum disease as well as seek its prevention. (more…)

Treatments To Give Straight Teeth

Girl smiling in overallsAddressing problems with the spacing of your teeth offers multiple cosmetic and functional benefits. After receiving an adjustment to your alignment, you will no longer worry about unsightly gaps or noticeable asymmetries. Your bite will improve and it may even become easier to brush and floss as you can easily access each individual tooth. This can make the fight against tooth decay that much simpler. When you decide to begin treatment, you will discover that there are multiple options available to bring the alignment of your teeth into harmony.

Your Riverside, CA dentist’s office can improve the look and form of your grin with both traditional bracket-and-wire metal braces as well as Invisalign clear aligner treatments. Each service seeks to straighten your teeth while restoring pride in your appearance! (more…)

Treating The Pain Of Wisdom Teeth

man with toothache holding clipboardConsistent pain and discomfort in your mouth or jaw is not an issue to take lightly. Tell your dentist about these symptoms right away so we may explore treatment to provide appropriate relief. You may discover that the cause of your suffering is not a cavity or infection, but the impending arrival of your wisdom teeth. The final set of molars typically arrives in your late teen years or twenties and can cause significant harm for certain patients. They may push into neighboring molars and shift your previously healthy alignment. You can experience painful cracking of your enamel as the new teeth attempt to fit into a jaw that is simply too small to comfortably accommodate their appearance. Sometimes, your wisdom teeth fail to completely emerge and cause severe pain by becoming impacted. Your Riverside, CA dentist is standing by to monitor the arrival of your wisdom teeth and perform extractions to treat pain and prevent other harm to your oral health. (more…)

Replacing A Tooth With An Implant

woman smiling blue backgroundLosing one of your teeth can put a real strain on your ability to enjoy a normal day. You might be surprised at how many different activities are affected when you no longer have a full set of teeth. Some people develop a speech impediment as they struggle to form certain sounds around the gap in their smile. If you’re missing front teeth, you may have trouble tearing up your food at mealtime, while losing a molar affects your ability to properly grind it. This annoying problem can even create future threats to your oral health if not treated in a professional manner. Fortunately, your Temecula, CA dentist’s office can treat a missing tooth with the placement of a dental implant. This solution allows for the attachment of a prosthetic restoration above your gumline that returns your ability to properly bite while restoring the appearance of a natural tooth. You no longer have to suffer the daily discomfort of tooth loss! (more…)

Root Canals Offer Desired Relief

Man covering mouthA painful toothache can distract you throughout the entire day and impact your normal ability to enjoy your life. This annoyance can even be a signal of a deeper threat to your oral health. While temporary discomfort may not be an indication of a serious underlying condition, you should seek evaluation from your dentist for any consistent or severe pains. For a tooth that is infected, we can provide a treatment to address its inner structure and relieve your stress. Your Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office  can treat your dental pain with a root canal therapy when infection is present. After stopping the source of discomfort, we can explore restorative treatments to preserve the function of your tooth and return the beauty of your smile! (more…)

Cosmetic Dentistry Enhances Your Beauty

Young woman smiling outdoorsHave you ever wondered how to treat dental blemishes and imperfections that build up over the course of your life? Wear and tear from the simple acts of speaking, biting, and chewing can accumulate over the years and take a toll on your personal appearance. Perhaps it is time to make a change and improve your smile for the better! Your Riverside, CA dentist offers multiple cosmetic solutions to improve the appearance of your teeth according to your desired specifications. We can work together to plan a treatment for enhancing the shade of your teeth, improving their uniformity, repairing minor chips, and covering spacing gaps. Services such as teeth whitening, bonding and contouring, and porcelain veneers can all help you achieve the smile you deserve!


Solutions For Straighter Teeth

Teen Girl With Braces SmilingDo you have a problem with the spacing of your teeth? Dental misalignment can create doubts in your appearance as gaps create a distraction when you smile. When you seek treatment, you can obtain meaningful cosmetic and functional benefits from different orthodontic solutions.  Straighter teeth improve your ability to bite and chew and they can even be easier to clean when it is time to brush and floss!

Your Corona, CA dentist can move your teeth into a more desirable position with both traditional bracket-and-wire braces and Invisalign clear aligners. Both solutions can improve your confidence in your smile with a caring approach. (more…)