Smart Care For An Injured Tooth

After injuring a tooth, you can feel unsure of what to do. How vulnerable are you to the problem growing more serious? How can you make sure that this issue is properly managed? Will treatment benefit your smile as well as your health? At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can provide support to help you deal with this problem in a timely manner. After meeting with you, we can assess just how severe the problem is, and from there we can recommend the appropriate care to fully resolve it. You may find that you need more involved restorative treatment to fully address the harm that has occurred, but in many cases more conservative cosmetic services are capable of helping. (more…)

Protecting Your Smile By Flossing

When you put the right time and effort into protecting your smile by flossing daily, you can prevent potentially serious problems from occurring. It may be less than surprising to hear that this habit is important for the sake of your dental health, but you may not realize how valuable it can be for your overall well-being. This is the case because by flossing, you take care of your gums, and that means preventing a periodontal infection that can lead to complications that impact your overall health. Our Temecula, CA dentist’s office is ready to help you when it comes to in-office care, and we can provide support by helping you establish and stick to the right daily hygiene routine. Between flossing, brushing, and relying on a healthy diet, you can have an easier time preserving your healthy and lovely smile! (more…)

Receiving A Lifelike Filling

As part of your cavity treatment, your Corona, CA dentist will place a restoration to keep your tooth safe. The type of restoration you receive will depend on how much protection needs to be provided for your tooth. Many times, patients will receive care in time to qualify for treatment with dental fillings. These restorations are more conservative, as they only cover a limited portion of your tooth structure in order to provide the protection needed. Our office can place a dental filling that effectively mimics healthy enamel, so this work will not alter your smile even if the filling is set in a conspicuous location! When necessary, we are prepared to offer more advanced services to ensure that your procedure fully addresses your needs. (more…)

Smart Care For Intrinsic Discoloration

How does intrinsic discoloration differ from the kind of discoloration caused by external stains? The stains that gather on your enamel can be effectively treated with bleaching agents that remove particles that have dulled this material. When you have intrinsic discoloration, you will have issues within the tooth structure that are responsible for your cosmetic flaws, which means a different approach to care should be pursued. The good news is that this is still an issue that can be addressed effectively through cosmetic dental work. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can discuss services that are capable of hiding these blemishes and restoring the quality of your smile! We can also talk to you about the use of dental crowns to take on more significant discoloration issues. (more…)

Treating A Tooth Broken By A Hard Candy

Halloween can be a fun time of year, but it can certainly be less than fun to end your celebrations early because you chipped your tooth on a piece of hard candy! The intake of sweets that occurs around this holiday can pose different threats to our smiles. Beyond just worrying about your overall intake of sugar, you should be careful about hard candies that are capable of chipping, cracking, or otherwise breaking your enamel. The good news is that if this does happen to you, there is something your Moreno Valley, CA dentist can do to help! With timely care, we can restore the tooth so that you have no oral health issues and feel good about your smile! (more…)

Will Halloween Fun Lead To Tooth Decay?

Halloween can be one of the most fun holidays that people celebrate. It is also one that we can enjoy in smaller ways before and after the day itself. In the weeks leading up to the actual holiday, you can find yourself pecking away at the Halloween candy you have set aside for trick-or-treaters. You can also find that you and your family have an abundance of goodies to enjoy after your kids take home their own hauls after going out to celebrate the season. A higher intake of sugar can raise your risk for dental decay, which means you are more likely to need restorative work from your Riverside, CA dentist. However, this does not mean you have to simply accept that you will have cavity trouble at this time of year! The right daily behaviors, along with a commitment to professional smile care, can help you avoid the consequences of this problem in the long term. (more…)

Planning Significant Smile Changes

Even if it is healthy, a smile that you find unattractive can be a source of frustration and embarrassment. There are times when issues with your teeth are cosmetic in nature, and not something that has to be addressed with restorative dental work. In other circumstances, patients can come in with the hopes of addressing both oral health and esthetic issues. Fortunately, our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is ready to offer this kind of support! We can work with you to make significant changes to your appearance by taking on different smile flaws. That can mean addressing difficulties with discoloration, dental damage, natural wear and tear, and even significant concerns like tooth loss! (more…)

Booking Smile Exams For Your Family

Smile care that is provided on a consistent basis will help you protect yourself against different oral health threats. For your kids, these visits provide in-office support and important guidance as they learn to take care of their teeth without help. Our Temecula, CA dentist’s office can provide oral health services for people of all ages, which means that all of your family’s needs can be addressed by our practice! This reduces the effort you have to put into booking and attending exams. It also helps your kids in the long run—they can feel more at ease with care when they see you comfortably enjoy treatment, and they can continue to see us as they age and their needs change. (more…)

Restoring Smiles With Dental Implants

The impact of tooth loss can be felt in many frustrating ways. Trouble with your appearance is just one issue that you can face—in addition to having doubts about your smile, you can have a tougher time biting and chewing food, and you become vulnerable to issues with more tooth loss and jawbone deterioration. By providing the right treatment solution, our Corona, CA dentist’s office can help you regain more confidence in your appearance and well-being by recommending implant dentistry, which offers a remarkably stable restoration along with cosmetic support. (more…)

Why Tartar Prevention Is Important

How much good is your current smile care routine doing for you? Is it protecting you against the formation of tartar deposits? If not, you should be concerned about your overall oral health, as these deposits will remain in place and create issues for your teeth and gums until your next professional teeth cleaning! Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to help you maintain your dental health by providing professional cleanings along with reviews that alert you to any problems that should undergo the appropriate restorative dental work. With that said, better hygiene efforts between these appointments can help you avoid tartar buildup and reduce your risk for the kinds of problems that require in-office services. (more…)