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Fix Cavities With Dental Fillings

Tooth Holding Wrench

When plaque and tartar deposits lead to the formation of a cavity, you may rely upon a dental filling to save the remaining healthy tissue. This treatment repairs the breakdown of enamel that allows bacteria to infect your tooth. Seeking a solution on time can prevent further harm from decay, like the breaking or total… Read more »

Treating Your Discolored Smile

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Dental discoloration is something that can rob a person of more than just a confident smile. Enamel stains create a perception that your teeth are not healthy. They can also age you in ways that make you self-conscious. Generally speaking, cosmetic flaws that concern your smile can be distracting enough to hurt your overall appearance,… Read more »

Dealing With Tartar Accumulation

How effective is your current approach to smile care at fighting tartar? You can protect yourself against its formation, but it will take a visit to the dentist’s office to deal with any buildup that does occur. That accumulation between dental appointments is something that your hygienist can address. During your regular dental visits, this… Read more »

Using Invisalign To Fix Uneven Teeth

As long as your smile appears uneven because of poor alignment, it can be tough to feel as confident in it as you would like. What this means to many is that they will have to look at treatment with traditional metal braces to see the improvements that they want. Procedures with these appliances can… Read more »

Reshaping An Unattractive Tooth

If a single tooth stands out from the rest in your smile because of its awkward shape or size, it can be hard to feel truly happy with how you look. That one flaw both adds an unwanted source of attention and takes away from your facial symmetry. As frustrating as it can feel to… Read more »

When Restorative Work Requires A Crown

Dental injuries and cavities create serious problems for our teeth. While our enamel is a remarkably strong substance, it is limited in what it can do to recover from harm. A problem that is serious enough to require restorative dentistry will leave you with permanent harm. Fortunately, with the right procedure, you can be free… Read more »

Can Root Canals Stop Dental Pain?

A painful toothache can grind your daily routine to a halt. It can also make you concerned that a serious oral health issue threatens your smile! While a brief bout of discomfort can unrelated to poor dental health, a persistent or severe discomfort can call for a review from your dentist. For teeth that become… Read more »

Choosing Between Invisalign And Metal Braces

Is it time for you to take on problems with poor teeth spacing? Many people have doubts about their appearance because they have gaps between teeth, or because of excess space that acts as a distracting flaw. As you look into treatment, you can find that there is more than one way to approach orthodontic… Read more »

Smart Care For An Injured Tooth

After injuring a tooth, you can feel unsure of what to do. How vulnerable are you to the problem growing more serious? How can you make sure that this issue is properly managed? Will treatment benefit your smile as well as your health? At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can provide support to help… Read more »

Planning Significant Smile Changes

Even if it is healthy, a smile that you find unattractive can be a source of frustration and embarrassment. There are times when issues with your teeth are cosmetic in nature, and not something that has to be addressed with restorative dental work. In other circumstances, patients can come in with the hopes of addressing… Read more »