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Full Dentures: A Quiz

You may think you know every last detail about dentures, which can significantly impact your decision to choose them to replace your teeth (or to consider another prosthetic). If you’re an individual who thinks today’s dentures are bulky or unnatural looking, we suggest you quiz yourself to find out how much you really know about… Read more »

Are Partials And Bridges The Same?

When you begin your journey into exploring the world of dental prosthetics, you may find that there are some nuanced details that set certain options apart from others. If at first glance you are discovering that you have some difficulty telling partials and bridges apart from one another, we can help. We are quite accustomed… Read more »

Dentures: About Your Fit

Wearing full or partial dentures should be a comfortable experience that allows you to enjoy a complete smile. However, sometimes patients experience problems with comfort as the result of fit. This may affect the stability of your denture, as well. If you’re under the impression that this prosthetic is simply something that isn’t meant to… Read more »

What’s Your Tooth Loss Pattern? Find Your Prosthetic

Choosing dental prosthetics for tooth loss can cause patients to feel overwhelmed. We offer a variety of prosthetics, each with a different set of benefits. Beyond that, only certain teeth replacement solutions work for certain patterns of tooth loss. Rather than attempting to wade through the details, while connecting the dots all on your own,… Read more »

FAQs: What are Options for Replacing Missing Teeth?

Do you suffer from the loss of one or more teeth? Losing even a single tooth can have serious consequences for the health of your smile. Instead of resigning yourself to a smile with unsightly gaps, while not consider a dental prosthetic? At the Dental Associates of Corona, our doctors offer a number of options… Read more »

Are Dental Implants Better than Dentures?

Sure, we all know that missing teeth make you look unhealthy and older, but did you know that failing to replace missing teeth can negatively impact your life, increasing your risk for serious general health problems? In fact, current research asserts that people with few or no remaining teeth have a poorer diet, poorer social… Read more »

Quiz: How Do I Replace Missing Teeth?

Have you lost one or more teeth? can seriously hurt the health and beauty of your smile. Without them, simple functions, such as eating and speaking, can become difficult. To help return smile sot full function and health, your Riverside dentists offer a number of quality replacement options.

A Quick Quiz On your Dental Options

might seem like the worst thing that can happen with your smile, but imagine not having any teeth at all. Try your hand at this quiz to learn more. Questions Q1. True or false – Dentures provide the exact same benefits as dental implants.

Same Day Dentures: A Fast Replacement Option

If the majority of your teeth are loose due to gum disease or decay, your natural smile is probably beyond saving. Periodontal disease and lost teeth which aren’t replaced both contribute to jawbone diminishment, which continues the cycle of losing more teeth. Without proper jaw structure to support teeth, you will lose them eventually, one… Read more »

Dentures Overview from Riverside, CA Dentists

at Riverside Dental Group will tell you more about one of the longest used methods for restoring missing teeth: traditional dentures. What Are Dentures? Dentures are made out of acrylic and porcelain to provide a natural but flawless look when you smile. The portion of dentures designed to appear like gingival tissues (gums) sit on… Read more »