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Your Riverside Dentist Says: Keep Your Smile Clean!

You might know that you should keep your smile clean. You are also probably aware that our Riverside, CA team does everything we can to convince you to keep it as clean as possible. However, you may not know why it’s so extremely significant. Today, your Riverside dentist is more than happy to clear this… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: The Funny, The Not So Funny, The Shocking!

You may think that sleep apnea seems funny but that it’s actually no joke. If you’ve caught wind of something similar, then you are already a step ahead and recognize that this particular sleep disorder requires your serious attention if you think it is affecting you. Since this can be a bit confusing, our Riverside,… Read more »

Holidays: 3 Times To Leave Your Teeth Out Of It

There are some times when you can most certainly rely on your teeth. Perhaps you’re planning on speaking with friends and loved ones during a holiday party: Go ahead and rely on your smile to help you form words, just like you always do! Maybe you are ready to taste all of the delicious foods… Read more »

Short On Time: Getting A Whiter Smile By Christmas

So, you had the best of intentions this year when it comes to having a brilliantly glowing grin by Christmas! However, here you are at the very end of November and you have not yet received cosmetic care. What to do, what to do? You’re a bit short on time but you know that you… Read more »

Ways Bonding Can Help You Super Quickly

When you are in need of help for a tooth or multiple teeth because you’ve got a bit of damage or some concern you want fixed lickety-split, sometimes dental bonding instantly becomes your go-to treatment. It’s a cosmetic procedure that’s comfortable, efficient, that offers beautifully natural-looking results, and that just might work for you. What… Read more »

A Check-In List From Your Riverside Children’s Dentist

There’s an awful lot to do in a day when you have kids, which is why it can be easy to find yourself wondering how your child’s oral health is doing between visits. You know your child is brushing and flossing, so you hope everything is A-OK. However, like with just about everything else, you… Read more »

Reasons Your Riverside Dentist Says: Eat More Greens!

You have heard for your entire life that you should eat your vegetables. Lately, you hear something more specific that goes something like, “Eat your greens!” Every time you turn around, you hear that eating “dark leafy veggies” is good for you. So, what gives, you ask? Why does your Riverside dentist want you to… Read more »