Protecting Your Gums From An Infection

Temecula, CA, Gum Disease

What steps do you take to preserve a healthy smile? When focusing on oral health, preventing cavities is the first thing that comes to mind. But taking care of your gums is just as important to protecting your overall well-being. Fortunately, many of the same activities that stop tooth decay are beneficial for your gingival tissues. Brushing and flossing each morning and evening removes plaque deposits that cause both cavities and gum infections. Bacterial buildup irritates the connective tissue above your gum line, and when infection takes hold, the body’s inflammatory system can destroy your gums in an attempt to escape plaque. Scheduling regular dental checkups can remove buildup and alert us whenever an infection is present. If you notice common symptoms such as bleeding when you brush, recession of the gumline, or chronic bad breath, let us know right away! Treating gum disease in its first stage can lead to a reversal of the infection, but once it reaches the jawbone it can become permanent.

At your Temecula, CA, dental practice, we offer periodontal maintenance services to those fighting gum disease. We counsel our patients on at-home strategies to minimize their risk of developing infections. By attending checkups regularly, we can preserve your healthy smile with cleaning and examinations.


Restoring Your Aching Tooth

Moreno Valley, CA, Root CanalIf you wake up with a sudden toothache, it can ruin your entire day. You find yourself unable to concentrate on simple tasks, and enjoying a meal can be impossible. Please do not ignore this condition, but report it to your dentist. A toothache is a common symptom of a dangerous infection that could travel throughout the body without appropriate treatment. Toothaches occur when a break in the tooth’s enamel allows oral bacteria to deposit within the inner chamber. As the body’s inflammatory response swells tissues to fight the infection, the tissue touches your sensitive dental nerve, indicating something is wrong. By taking an X-ray of the problem tooth, we can determine if foreign material lies within and schedule a removal. A root canal treatment clears all decaying material and seals the inner chamber to help prevent reinfection. To finish your treatment, we design and place a dental crown that returns your tooth’s healthy bite and appearance.

At your Moreno Valley, CA dental practice, we understand that injuries can happen when you least expect. That is why we make ourselves available for emergency appointments outside of your standard checkup schedule. We do not want you to wait any longer than necessary before receiving relief for your painful tooth. Fortunately, modern anesthetics ensure that your root canal will feel no more uncomfortable than a standard dental filling.


Your Options For Straighter Teeth

Riverside, CA, OrthodonticsIs your smile as straight as you would like it to be? If you have been thinking about options to correct your teeth, talk to your dentist about exploring orthodontics. We can take a look at the extent of your misalignment and discuss whether or not you would benefit from braces or clear aligner treatment. While each solution approaches the same goal of bringing your smile into a more pleasing position, deciding between treatments depends on your condition and goals. For teenage patients or those with a more extreme amount of malocclusion, we may suggest the unparalleled strength of traditional orthodontics. The adjustment of a metal archwire allows us to fine-tune the pulling of your teeth over the corrective period. For a more discreet approach, a set of clear aligners provides a translucent set of trays that are nearly invisible to the naked eye. This option may be more attractive for those who would like to keep their decision private. No matter which option you choose, we will partner with you through the process to achieve your dream smile!

At your Riverside, CA dental practice, we help patients understand the functional benefits of orthodontics beyond their cosmetic improvement. While a straighter appearance may begin your interest in braces or clear aligners, learning how they benefit your bite should seal the deal! A straighter smile is one that is far easier to clean, improving your oral health for decades to come!


Tackle Smile Stains With Professional Teeth Whitening!

Riverside, CA, Teeth WhiteningAre stains or blemishes starting to permanently affect your smile? If your teeth are not as white as they appeared in the recent past, your dentist could help return their bright appearance! By receiving a professional teeth whitening session, you can enjoy a clean look in under an hour of your time. Problems with discoloration can cause others to question your oral health, but by lifting stains, you can regain the confidence that comes with a pristine look. You may consider an over-the-counter whitening solution, but it may not have the strength necessary to address all of the marks in your teeth. Our professional evaluation can determine the nature of your discoloration, the level of bleaching required, or if you would benefit from an alternative whitening solution.

At your Riverside, CA, dental practice, we provide comprehensive services to improve all aspects of your smile. From treating cavities and gum disease to focusing on your cosmetic appearance, we have you covered. By scheduling a checkup, we can discuss your options for whitening your teeth while inspecting the current status of your smile. Enjoy a new you with a blemish-free smile!


Strategies To Prevent And Manage Gum Disease

Corona, CA, Gum Disease

What behaviors do you practice to protect your oral health? When people think about safeguarding their smile, brushing and flossing to prevent cavities comes to the top of their minds. These activities have benefits beyond avoiding tooth decay. The same bacterial deposits that wear away at a tooth’s surface can create an inflammatory response in your gingival tissue. If you have noticed sore gums or chronic bleeding whenever you brush or floss, call the dentist right away. These are signs that your body has a gum infection. By catching it in its first stage, gum disease is potentially reversible. However, when the infection reaches your jawbone, you will require maintenance for life. Gum disease is the primary cause of missing teeth among adults today, so please take this threat seriously. We can provide periodontal therapies that help put your disease into remission and preserve your healthy oral tissues. By going beyond a standard cleaning, our periodontal services can clear bacteria below your gumline to allow your tissues to heal and reattach to the teeth’s roots.

At your Corona, CA dental practice, we practice a preventive attitude toward oral healthcare. This means encouraging healthy at-home habits with regular checkups to track the status of your smile. By taking regular exams, we create a dental record that can identify any sudden changes in the appearance of your oral structures. When we discover a gum infection, we will recommend treating it right away to get your health back on track!


Root Canal Treatment Removes Infection To Protect Your Smile

Temecula, CA, Root Canal

When a toothache strikes suddenly, it affects your entire day. The constant pain can make performing the most simple tasks nearly impossible! Please don’t ignore this common symptom of a dangerous tooth infection. By reporting your pain to your dentist, we can perform an X-ray to inspect the inner workings of your problem tooth. Infections result from bacterial deposits that must enter through a compromised portion of your tooth’s outer layer. Without prompt removal, bacteria risk breaking off the original deposit and traveling through the body in your bloodstream. Fortunately, we can perform an endodontic treatment that accesses the pulp chamber to clear all decaying material. Because this procedure permanently alters the structure of your tooth, we must also place a dental crown to return your tooth’s strength and appearance.

At your Temecula, CA dental practice, we are standing by to provide emergency relief for any injury that strikes your smile without notice. When you have significant pain, you deserve immediate service to determine its source and get it under control. Please do not take your infection lightly. With the aid of local anesthetic, a root canal should be no more uncomfortable than your standard dental filling.


Tackling Blemishes In Your Enamel’s Surface

Moreno Valley, CA, Whitening

Do you notice stains or a yellow hue building on the surface of your teeth? If your smile is not as white as in recent years, your dentist could provide a professional-grade whitening session to lift stains rapidly. You may be surprised to learn that this service can be completed in under an hour. By combining a power bleaching gel with a light that accelerates the stain-lifting process, professional whitening can be far more convenient than a store-bought treatment. Without expertise, we can determine exactly the level of whitening you need and lift stains that an over-the-counter product may miss. For patients who prefer a more gradual approach, we can create a take-home kit for you to apply at your leisure. Expect results within 10 to 14 days and enjoy holding onto your whitening application kit for future touchups!

At your Moreno Valley, CA dental office, we love to see our patients smile! We know that the quality of your grin is a point of pride and will do everything in our power to make your smile goals a reality! We can tackle stains and blemishes on the surface of your teeth, or provide alternative cosmetic solutions when discoloration occurs for other reasons.


Reliable Treatment For Your Aching Tooth

Riverside, CA, ToothacheWhen you feel a toothache coming on, it can be a real letdown. The constant pain distracts you from your responsibilities, and it can seem like there is no relief. Please do not ignore this symptom as it could indicate a dangerous dental infection. Without treatment, bacteria can spread to other parts of your body and cause damage throughout. However, by scheduling an emergency dental appointment, we can take an X-ray of your injured tooth and determine if you require a root canal. With the application of a local anesthetic, this procedure should cause no more discomfort than you feel with a dental filling. Because your root canal procedure permanently alters the structure of your tooth, we complete treatment by placing a custom dental crown. These restorations cap the top portion of your injury to return strength to your bite and seal against future reinfection.

At your Riverside, CA, dental practice, we know that an injury to your tooth can happen when you least expect it. Please do not wait until your next checkup to receive treatment. Rather, call us right away, and we will schedule an emergency appointment to perform an exam. With prompt treatment, we can remove foreign material from inside your tooth and have you feeling back to normal quickly!


Enjoy A More Uniform Smile!

Riverside, CA, OrthodonticsAre your teeth crooked or crowded? If you have been thinking about ways to enjoy a straighter smile, explore your options for orthodontic correction. We could help you bring your smile into a more desirable position with traditional braces or a clear aligner therapy solution. Each appliance seeks the same goal of bringing your teeth into a more uniform appearance with a different approach. Braces consist of permanent metal brackets that attach to the front of each tooth connected by an archwire that applies the required tension. Clear aligners on the other hand provide more discreet smile correction. By taking measurements of the current position of your teeth, we can create a BPA-free tray that fits neatly over each row of your smile. As you wear your trays over weeks, they gently pull your teeth closer to their goal.

At your Riverside, CA, dental office, can help you decide between different options for correcting your smile. By taking into account your level of bite misalignment, we can steer you toward a solution that works best. When you understand the differences between braces and clear aligners, you can feel confident moving forward with treatment.


Treating Your Gum Disease

Temecula, CA, Gum Disease

If you receive a gum disease diagnosis, it can be somewhat unsettling. Living with these conditions can mean chronic bad breath, constant bleeding when brushing and flossing, as well as painful sore tissues that appear bright red. If you experience any of these symptoms, schedule a checkup with your dentist at your earliest convenience. Because gum infection is reversible in its initial stage, do not wait until a scheduled cleaning months down the line. Immediate care can mean the difference between regaining your gum health or requiring specialized treatments for life. Once bacterial deposits reach your jawbone, you require therapy to preserve your remaining healthy tissues. When this happens, we can offer scaling and root planing that clears bacteria both above and below your gumline to allow tissues to heal and reattach to your teeth’s roots.

At your Temecula, CA, dental practice, we are standing by to provide immediate cleanings whenever you give us a call. Preventive measures can help you lower your chance of developing an infection, while maintenance therapies can help you enjoy a healthy smile after gum disease. Please do not feel embarrassed when dealing with this condition. We would love to help you get it under control! (more…)