Treatments To Address Gum Disease

middle aged man in glassesMaintaining your oral health goes beyond preventing cavities from taking hold. Regularly visiting your dentist allows us to evaluate the health of your gums as well when performing a routine cleaning. If we detect problems with your periodontal health, we can provide treatment to prevent the progression of gum disease. When caught early at its first stage, we may even be able to reverse your condition. This is why it is so important to stay on top of your regular visitation schedule. When gum disease progresses into its second stage, periodontitis, the infection becomes permanent and must be treated continuously at future visits. Regardless of when it is caught, your Riverside, CA dentist can provide a comprehensive treatment schedule to best serve your periodontal health. (more…)

Prosthetic Solution For Tooth Loss

elderly woman smileLosing a tooth to injury or disease is unfortunate, but it can happen to Americans of all ages. If you have recently experienced a loss, you know how frustrating adjusting to your new look can be, although a gap in your smile is not just a cosmetic issue. Tooth loss is felt at every meal when you must shift your bite to work around the open space. This can lead to pain and stiffness as your jaw muscles contract at unnatural angles. Remaining teeth move into the new area, becoming loose as they lose the support of a neighbor. This means you are susceptible to further loss as long as the problem is left untreated. Your Moreno Valley, CA dentist  recognizes this potential danger and offers practical restoration through placement of a dental implant. This treatment allows for the attachment of a prosthetic above your gumline to improve both the function of your bite and the natural look of a full set of teeth. (more…)

How Root Canals Can Treat Your Pain

Man holding mouth in painIf one of your teeth is feeling painful or sensitive, could the cause be tooth decay? When left untreated, cavities can expand in severity and create real discomfort in your mouth. When they are left unaddressed, you may require a more serious procedure to preserve the health of your mouth. If your tooth’s inner structure becomes infected, a root canal procedure can remove decayed tissue and treat the pain you feel. Your Temecula, CA dentist is standing by to provide examination and determine the cause of your current ache. After removing the source of your discomfort, we can provide a durable dental crown to support the strength of your remaining natural structure and return its beauty!

We Treat Tooth Infections That Cause Pain

When your tooth suffers a constant ache that will not go away, you should let your dentist know so we may provide appropriate relief! We provide examinations  that can uncover the source of your discomfort. A physical injury or severe cavity can expose the inside of your tooth to harmful oral bacteria and make you susceptible to painful infection. Known as the pulp, the inside of your tooth can become inflamed as bacteria grow and spread within. The sooner you schedule a visit, the sooner we may promptly address your concerns, remove the source of infection, and provide desirable relief.

Performing A Root Canal Procedure

When we determine that root canal therapy can remove your infection, we will numb the tooth and any surrounding tissues. Using special tools, we will remove infected and decayed material within your pulp to stop painful inflammation. We then apply a seal to prevent future infection and restore a barrier between the sensitive inside of your tooth and the bacteria that reside in your mouth.

Dental Crowns Repair Damaged Teeth

After receiving a root canal, a dental crown can properly restore the ability of your tooth to withstand the daily pressures of biting and chewing. This restoration covers the entirety of the structure above your gumline to protect the remaining weakened material. We can design the crown to mimic the appearance of a natural tooth and address esthetic concerns with your smile as well!

Talk To Your Temecula, CA Dentist About The Benefits Of Root Canal Therapy!

Treatment with root canal therapy can address serious threats to your oral health and properly relieve issues with pain and sensitivity. To schedule a consultation, call any of our dental offices near you:

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TMJ Treatment To Relieve Your Pain

Woman clenching mouthDo you wake up each morning with pain or stiffness inside your jaw? When your jaw, face, or neck suffers significant pain, it can reduce your quality of life and be a sign of an underlying oral health problem. Letting these problems continue untreated can lead to increased discomfort, so you should report your symptoms to a professional. Your Riverside, CA dentist can evaluate your condition and determine if you are suffering from TMJ disorder, a disorder of the temporomandibular joints. If so, we can provide a noninvasive treatment for your jaw and seek to reduce the discomfort that impacts your daily life. We can explore if any chronic grinding problems associated with TMJ disorder have contributed to physical wear and tear of your teeth and suggest cosmetic solutions for enhancing the beauty of your smile. (more…)

When Wisdom Teeth Cause You Harm

Woman Brushing Teeth in DiscomfortFeeling pain or discomfort in your mouth and jaw is a serious issue to discuss with your dentist. You may find that the source of the problem is not decay or infection, but instead it is a new set of molars. The arrival of your wisdom teeth in adolescence or early adulthood can cause painful stress to your oral cavity. As they erupt, your third set of molars can push into adjacent teeth. This movement can shift the alignment of your bite and crack the surface of your enamel, and they can even become impacted and cause more pain by not fully emerging. At your Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we provide extraction services to treat the arrival of wisdom teeth and prevent future damage to your oral health and well-being. Prompt removal can help relieve pain and keep your remaining teeth in a desirable position. (more…)

The Amazing Benefits Of Veneers

Middle age caucasian woman smilingOver the course of our lives, your teeth can accumulate imperfections from the daily wear and tear of normal behaviors. The simple act of speaking and constant biting and chewing at mealtime can cause small cracks and chips in your enamel that are visible to others. This can take a toll on your confidence in your appearance over time and reduce your enthusiasm to show off your grin. Fortunately, there are options available to refine your smile’s beauty.

Your Riverside, CA dentist offers the placement of porcelain veneers that can address various flaws with a single cosmetic treatment. This thin, sturdy restoration can cover cracks and chips in your enamel, spacing gaps, tooth shape, and discoloration problems. This solution minimally impacts the structure of your teeth by simply bonding to their front surface. Visit our practice and learn how veneers can help you attain your esthetic goals for your smile today! (more…)

How To Fix Dental Misalignment

Girl with BracesThere are meaningful cosmetic and functional reasons to straighten the spacing of your teeth. After receiving a full adjustment, you no longer have to worry about noticeable gaps within your smile. You enjoy benefits to your oral health as straightening your teeth improves bite function and the ability to clean each individual tooth. As you seek orthodontic correction, you will discover that there are multiple services that help bring your teeth into their desired position.

Your Corona, CA dentist’s office can help improve your smile with the use of traditional bracket-and-wire metal braces. We also offer treatment with Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign provides an alternative to traditional braces that straighten your teeth in a discreet manner without calling attention to themselves. (more…)

Responding To A Dental Emergency

Man Touching MouthAccidents can happen to us at any time of day. Damaging a tooth impacts your ability to bite and chew at mealtime, speak clearly, and its effect on your appearance can be upsetting. When they occur, dental emergencies can cause stress and panic in addition to pain. You should respond quickly when dealing with these situations to ensure that you treat them with the seriousness they deserve and relieve any pain and other threats to your oral health. For this reason, it is important to know in advance who to contact at this difficult time. Thankfully, your Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office provides the services needed to respond to your dental injury, which will help calm your nerves and return you to good health! We will treat the immediate effects of your injury and recommend services to restore the proper look of your smile. (more…)

Schedule A Dental Cleaning and Exam

Bearded Man SmilingMaintaining your healthy smile begins with brushing and flossing at home. Your at-home oral hygiene is supported with regular trips to your dentist’s office for cleaning and examination. These visits combine to prevent the buildup of plaque and treat the presence of tartar that lead to tooth decay. At your Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we urge you to schedule a checkup twice per year. First, a hygienist will inspect the results of your daily brushing and flossing, then they will clean your teeth. Our dentist will then examine your mouth for any oral health issues and recommend treatment when required. (more…)

How Dental Implants Restore Smiles

Cheerful old womanHave you recently lost one of your teeth due to injury, infection, or decay? The impact of an incomplete smile can be felt in different ways. You can have a difficult time adjusting to biting and chewing around the missing area. Your jaw muscles may strain and cause pain as you shift your bite. The remaining teeth may become loose as they are no longer held in place by their missing neighbor’s support. Your jawbone can become weak as it loses vital stimulation from missing tooth roots. A dental implant can provide your jaw the support it needs and allow for the placement of a prosthetic above your gumline. Restorations, such as a dental crown, restore the appearance of your smile and return the function of your bite. Your Temecula, CA dentist’s office offers implant dentistry treatments that reduce the frustration of your loss and preserve the health of your remaining teeth. (more…)