All About Dental Cleanings from Riverside General Dentists

 at Riverside Dental Group would like to tell you more about the ins and outs of dental cleanings.

Role of Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists are highly skilled at implementing dental instruments designed to remove plaque and tartar buildup off of your teeth and at the gumline. Over the years, dental instruments have become more advanced, with the comfort of patients in mind. For example, ultrasonic scalers are designed to capitalize on gentle vibrations which can loosen hardened plaque (tartar) from your (more…)

Children’s Oral Hygiene Quiz from Riverside Dentists

Two times two. What does that mean to you? If you answered four, well, of course, you’re right. But the sum of that equation can mean so much more. When applied to dental health, two times two means brushing your teeth twice-a-day for two minutes each time. This is a habit that should be instilled in children (toddlers even) as soon as their teeth begin to erupt. Your Riverside children’s dentists at Riverside Dental Group, would like to challenge you to a quiz on oral hygiene for kids. (more…)

Brighten that Smile with Help from Riverside Dentists

osmetic dentistry treatments range from simple, short procedures to multi-appointment options that are more invasive. When you just have normal staining on your teeth, professional whitening procedures are among the simpler and faster cosmetic dental options. Some patients think they can take on the whitening project on their own with inexpensive over-the-counter products. Your Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group would like to explain how teeth whitening works and why you might want to leave it to the pros.

Why Do Teeth Stain?

Have you ever really stopped to think about how tooth stains develop? Natural dulling and (more…)

Does Our Invisalign Quiz Align with Your Knowledge?

Incorrect alignment of the upper and lower dental arches is called malocclusion. You may have heard of overbites and underbites. There’s also something called a crossbite where your teeth angle in different directions rather than straight up-and-down. Many people are used to braces as the only possible option for straightening teeth. Fortunately, dental innovations have developed technology such as Invisalign to allow you to undergo teeth straightening without the drawbacks of traditional metal braces. Your Corona dentists would like to answer some frequently asked questions about Invisalign. (more…)

Temecula Dentists Provide Tips on Choosing a Toothbrush

at Oasis Family Dental would like to offer you some toothbrush choosing tips.

Tip #1: Size is Everything

When choosing a toothbrush, you want to purchase one that will aid you in reaching all of the nooks and crannies in your mouth. The handle of the brush should be long enough that you can maneuver it in and out of your mouth with ease. The average store-bought toothbrush will have a head that’s about an inch long and a half-an-inch wide. This should fit the average mouth. However, if you find that size tends to be a problem, talk to your Temecula dentists about alternative options.

Tip #2: A Soft Touch

Most toothbrushes are made with soft nylon bristles. You might think that you’ll be able to do a better job with a harder toothbrush, but this can actually be too abrasive for your protective tooth enamel. If you have particularly large amounts of calculus (tartar) buildup, even with good oral hygiene and regular cleanings, a medium or hard toothbrush might be recommended. Just be sure to follow your dentist’s orders, and when in doubt, ask.

Tip #3: Rock Down to Electric Avenue

Many patients wonder if they should invest in an expensive electric toothbrush, or just stick to the manual, disposable versions they grew up with. For people with issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or those that simply have trouble sticking with their twice-daily oral hygiene routine, electric toothbrushes might be the best way to give your teeth the proper two minute cleaning they deserve. You may even be surprised to know that teeth and gums sometimes receive a gentler cleaning from electric brushes. At the very least, they are far more consistent. If you do go down the electric avenue, be sure to change your brush heads every three months. Dental

Checkups from Temecula Dentists

If it is time for your six-month checkup, or you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, your dentists in Temecula can provide comprehensive dental care for our patients of all ages. Contact our 92591 dental office by calling (951) 695-2290 to schedule an appointment today. We welcome patients from Temecula and all surrounding communities.

Dentures Overview from Riverside, CA Dentists

at Riverside Dental Group will tell you more about one of the longest used methods for restoring missing teeth: traditional dentures.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are made out of acrylic and porcelain to provide a natural but flawless look when you smile. The portion of dentures designed to appear like gingival tissues (gums) sit on top of your actual gums. Natural suction creates a tight fit so your dentures will (hopefully) stay in place. (more…)