Moreno Valley Dentists Offer Smile Makeovers

Smiling is known to improve your quality of life. As you contort the 44 muscles in your face into a joyous smile, you are giving yourself a happier life.  Yearbook photo smiles have proven to indicate future career and relationship successes. Smiling releases endorphins just like winning a small lottery or eating chocolate. If you feel trapped behind a smile that makes you want to keep your mouth closed at all costs, then you are missing out on one of life’s basic pleasures. We all deserve to feel confident with our smiles. Your Moreno Valley dentists will tell you today about something called a smile makeover. (more…)

Dental Emergency Part 1: Tooth and Jaw Fractures

 at Riverside Dental Group will begin the first in a four part blog series about various types of dental injuries and emergencies. One common injury that can affect your teeth or your jaw are fractures. Fractures can be of varying depths, but a fracture is essentially defined as a break.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

If you sustain an , and you can tell that it is fractured, or it feels funny even if you can’t see a fracture, quick action is important. With the condition of cracked tooth syndrome, early identification can help you save your tooth from a possible full extraction. It’s (more…)