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We Can Protect Your Smile If You Grind Your Teeth At Night

If you grind your teeth at night, you are vulnerable to potentially serious problems with your smile and oral health. While behavioral changes can help make grinding less of an issue, it can be difficult to fully protect yourself without seeing your dentist for support. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can keep your teeth safe… Read more »

Bruxism Can Affect Your Smile And Quality Of Life

If you keep grinding your teeth while you sleep, you can do serious damage to your smile. You can also put mounting pressure on your jaw joints and muscles, which can lead to problems with TMJ disorder. Recognizing the signs of bruxism, a habit of teeth grinding, can be relatively easy, as the problem can… Read more »

3 Problems Associated With Frequent Teeth Grinding

If you are frequently grinding your teeth at night, you can quickly discover just how difficult this problem can make your life. Habitual grinding, known as bruxism, is capable of creating enough pressure to wear down teeth, changing their shape and even causing enamel damage. This problem can also become an issue by causing TMJ… Read more »

Without Treatment, Bruxism Can Do Serious Dental Damage

When is it time to say something to your dentist about bruxism? While your dentist can identify signs of wear and tear from teeth grinding during a routine dental exam, you can bring up your concerns if you have a tendency to wake up with pain in your face, teeth, or jaw joints. Bruxism can… Read more »

Is A Nightly Teeth Grinding Habit Hurting Your Smile?

Because our teeth are coated by incredibly hard enamel, they can stay in good shape even as we continually rely on them to bite and chew food. Of course, it is important to remember that our teeth are not invulnerable. If you have problems with bruxism that cause you to grind them at night, they… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Suggests: Simple Ways To Improve Bruxism

You know that in order to improve your bruxism disorder, you should come in to see our Riverside, CA team. Of course, as you meet with us, your Riverside dentist will suggest the use of an oral appliance (a mouthguard) that provides you with extremely effective and shockingly easy bruxism treatment. However, you wonder: Do… Read more »

The Compounding Risks of Untreated Bruxism

Having bruxism means that you grind your teeth more often than you realize. You may do it unconsciously throughout the day, catching yourself now and then and forcing your teeth to stop. Or, like most patients who have bruxism, you may grind your teeth more often at night while you’re asleep and unable to stop… Read more »

Fix Teeth After Bruxism Damage With Your Temecula Dentist

Wondering what to do about your smile now that bruxism disorder has already caused some damage? While choosing bruxism treatment to prevent any additional injury from occurring is certainly to your benefit, there’s still the destruction that’s been left behind. Perhaps your teeth are chipped. Maybe they’re cracked. Whatever the case, while it’s easy to… Read more »