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Brighten your Monday with a Teeth Whitening Quiz

The Woodcrest dentists at Riverside Dental Group are going to let you in on a little secret: teeth whitening makes you look younger. Can you think of any other cosmetic procedure which can boast shaving years off of your age without being invasive or requiring a lengthy recovery time? Try your hand at these true-or-false… Read more »

Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Services

In an independent study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, participants were questioned about their image. The majority stated that their number one cosmetic desire in terms of dentistry was a whiter smile. This remains one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services we provide at Riverside Dental Group. There are certainly many others…. Read more »

What Motivates Men to Go to the Dentist?

According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) men are far less likely to stick to their regular biannual dental checkup schedule than women. What could be the reason behind this? The number of men going to the dentist is fortunately on the rise, but their motivation may be something other than overall dental health…. Read more »

Two Professional Teeth Whitening Options

The Temecula dentists from The Oasis Family Dental love brightening the smiles of our patients. There are few cosmetic dental treatments which offer such drastic results with so little invasion. If you look around you, there are certainly a great many of us with smiles which have lost their luster over the years. Coffee drinking is popular in… Read more »

The True-and-False Regarding Teeth Grinding

is often a subconscious reaction to stress and anxiety. You may even do it only when you sleep. Chronic teeth grinding sometimes requires reaching out to an orthodontist to realign your jaw. Luckily, the solution is sometimes as easy as wearing a customized mouthguard from the Corona dentists at Corona Dental Associates. Find out how much you… Read more »

Different Ways to Attain Professional Teeth Whitening Results

Common and regularly consumed beverages such as tea, coffee, soda, dark juices, and red wine all lead to yellowed, darkened, or stained teeth. Over-the-counter methods may provide some degree of smile brightening. However, your attempts might end up a waste of your time and money. And while you’re trying out these various strips and kits… Read more »

Age Backwards with Professional Teeth Whitening

One of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. Professional bleaching treatments offer you safe and effective results which will give you a youthful, bright look. Dull and yellow teeth add years to someone’s appearance. People who have smile confidence have been proven to harbor higher levels of happiness as well as boasting… Read more »