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Root Canals Offer Desired Relief

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A painful toothache can distract you throughout the entire day and impact your normal ability to enjoy your life. This annoyance can even be a signal of a deeper threat to your oral health. While temporary discomfort may not be an indication of a serious underlying condition, you should seek evaluation from your dentist for… Read more »

How Root Canals Can Treat Your Pain

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If one of your teeth is feeling painful or sensitive, could the cause be tooth decay? When left untreated, cavities can expand in severity and create real discomfort in your mouth. When they are left unaddressed, you may require a more serious procedure to preserve the health of your mouth. If your tooth’s inner structure… Read more »

Can Root Canals Stop Dental Pain?

A painful toothache can grind your daily routine to a halt. It can also make you concerned that a serious oral health issue threatens your smile! While a brief bout of discomfort can unrelated to poor dental health, a persistent or severe discomfort can call for a review from your dentist. For teeth that become… Read more »

Addressing Questions About Root Canals

If you have to undergo restorative dental work for a problem with decay or an injury, you can be understandably curious to find out what sort of care will have to take place. How involved will the process of caring for your smile be, and how much will treatment ultimately affect your tooth? At our… Read more »

A Root Canal Might Be Needed To Restore Your Dental Health

How are you supposed to deal with a dental problem that causes persistent tooth pain or sensitivity? A problem like this should be brought to your dentist’s attention, as you may be in need of root canal therapy. A root canal deals with problems that concern the interior of a tooth. Issues with advanced dental… Read more »

We Can Save An Infected Tooth By Performing A Root Canal

The idea of having a serious tooth problem can be scary to some people. Even when an individual is comfortable with routine dental checkups, they can be uncomfortable with planning work to address a problem like advanced tooth decay, which can require a root canal procedure. There are several things you should know if you… Read more »

Everything You’re Getting Wrong: About Root Canals!

You might be getting some things just right about root canal treatment! For instance, you may realize that it’s the restorative care we will usually suggest for a tooth infection, so we may save your oral health! However, our Moreno Valley, CA team is aware that beyond this clinical detail, there may be some amount… Read more »

3 Avoidable Paths Toward Root Canals

You might not know it – but you may be on a pathway straight toward the need for root canal therapy at this very moment. While this might not be the news you were hoping to hear, it means that you can, in fact, often identify aspects of your daily life that you may improve… Read more »

Why Root Canal Therapy?

Have you recently been told by our practice that you need root canal therapy to protect your smile and save your tooth? If so, you might find yourself wondering why you need this particular treatment, whether it’s necessary, if perhaps you should have asked about alternatives, and many similar questions. We understand – many patients… Read more »

Tooth Infection Q&A

How much do you know about tooth infections? Do you consider yourself a master of this very serious dental problem? Are you certain whether we offer root canal treatment for infected teeth or some other restorative procedure? The unfortunate news is that infection may quickly lead to serious complications and even the loss of your… Read more »