Can an Apple a Day Keep the Cavities at Bay?

In modern America, apples are among the many produce items that can be found throughout the year, no matter what the season. You’ve surely heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. You may have even heard that the fibrous nature of apple skin can act as a sort of natural toothbrush. However, there is evidence that apples might not be so great for your teeth after all. Your Moreno Valley dentists will explain how one of the most popular fruits in the world could be a detriment to your dental health.

The Modern Apple is Higher in Sugar

We can be grateful to technology for many improvements in the evolution of our country. You’re reading this blog right now thanks to advances in computer technology. But science doesn’t stop with electronic improvements. Even food has been altered through the knowledge gained from experimentation. Cross-breeding of plants has led to a rise in the sugar content of apples by 50% (more…)

Temecula Dentists Discuss When Snoring Becomes Serious

will relate the two conditions.

Understanding Obstructive Sleep Apnea

People with OSA are dealing with tissues in the throat area collapsing while they sleep. This can happen as a result of the structure and size of your tonsils, adenoids, or the shape of bone structure in your head and neck. People who are overweight tend to be at higher risk of OSA because of an excess of fat tissues. (more…)

Riverside Dentists: How Wise Are You About Wisdom Teeth?

would like to challenge you to a quiz on wisdom teeth.


Q1. True or False – Wisdom teeth may have served a purpose in past evolutionary history, but are unnecessary in modern times.

Q2. True or False – Wisdom teeth that are only partially erupted should be left alone. (more…)

Family Dentists of Moreno Valley, CA on Brushing the Teeth of Young Children

urge parents to begin introducing small children to regular oral hygiene before their first tooth erupts. Does that sound counter-intuitive? Well, even without an actual tooth to brush, wiping gums with a clean washcloth after feedings will get babies used to having their mouths cleaned. As teeth begin to erupt, we offer you this guide to early brushing.

Brushing Toddler’s Teeth (more…)