Resolving An Urgent Dental Issue

Oral health issues can sometimes go undetected until they progress in severity. When you keep up with regular dental checkups, they can be spotted and receive convenient treatment before they have the opportunity to worsen. Of course, there are also issues that can seem to arise suddenly and demand an appointment for dental work as soon as possible. If you find yourself with an urgent need for treatment, know that your Moreno Valley, CA dentist is prepared to support you! Our practice does welcome patients for emergency dental services, which can lead to care that both restores your health and gives you back your confident smile! (more…)

Fighting Enamel Stains To Improve Your Smile

There are multiple reasons why people stop feeling confident in the way they look whenever they smile and speak. For you and many others, the trouble can be linked to problems with accumulated enamel stains. As the particles left behind by different foods and drinks gather, they can hurt how you look, making you self-conscious about your appearance and less likely to feel satisfied by your overall appearance. Fortunately, there is a way to effectively deal with this matter. Your Riverside, CA dentist’s office can provide either a take-home teeth whitening kit or an in-office whitening treatment that will help you show off remarkable changes in just a short time! (more…)

Treatment To Improve Bite Function

Why is it becoming harder for you to bite and chew food comfortably? Pain that interferes with dental function should not be taken lightly. When these problems affect you, it can point to different threats to your well-being that should be addressed. Fortunately, you can count on your Riverside, CA dentist to offer guidance and treatment to put these matters behind you! Our office can work with you on different threats like TMJ disorder, cavities, and problems related to physical tooth injuries. We can even make sure you have timely support by offering emergency oral health services! (more…)

How Can I Protect My Gums?

How much do you currently do to protect your gums? Proper periodontal hygiene helps you in more ways than you may realize. Trouble with infections can interfere with other health conditions and make them harder to manage. Difficulties with gum disease can also lead to a higher risk for tooth loss later in life. The good news is that this is a problem that can be effectively addressed. Both your own daily behaviors and your trips to see your Temecula, CA dentist can affect your periodontal health. On your own, you control bacteria buildup at the base of your teeth, so you can make gingivitis less likely to develop. During regular dental exams, your gums and teeth are closely checked, and any warning signs of an infection affecting your periodontal tissues can be dealt with to remove the threat. (more…)

How Tooth Bonding Covers Flaws

A problem with your tooth does not have to be serious enough to warrant restorative work to be a problem. All it can take is a minor chip or crack, or concerns about a tooth that seems uneven or the wrong size, to make trouble for your smile. Fortunately, less severe issues can be effectively dealt with through more conservative cometic services. Your options for cosmetic treatment at our Corona, CA dentist’s office will include care in the form of tooth bonding and contouring! With this approach, we are often able to produce lasting benefits for patients in as little as one appointment. (more…)

Full Mouth Reconstruction And Your Smile Flaws

Do you feel as though your current smile is simply too far removed from the smile you would like to show off? Pessimism about what cosmetic dentistry can do for you can cause you to miss out on exciting benefits of treatment. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can actually recommend different strategies for patients unhappy with their appearance, including strategies that take on seemingly significant problems. For those patients who have several problems to contend with, including those who would benefit from restorative as well as cosmetic dental care, we can recommend creating a full mouth reconstruction plan. By following this plan, you can take on problems with the way you look in order to dramatically change your appearance for the better! (more…)

Long-Term Fixes For Chipped Teeth

Once your tooth is chipped, you can find yourself incapable of showing off a truly confident smile. Even a small injury can significantly affect the way you look, and it can also become a potential problem for your oral health. At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we can offer long-term solutions for physical injuries and other cosmetic issues. A conservative treatment option can be more effective than you think possible, which means you can have results in less time, and with fewer changes, than you think possible. You can also find that your dentist is prepared to help if you need to do something about physical damage that creates problems for your dental well-being. (more…)

The Importance Of Tartar Removal

How safe are you against threats like tooth decay and gum disease? Hopefully, you have committed to a daily smile care routine that lowers your risk for these problems. Issues with poor hygiene can lead to tartar buildup, which makes it harder to prevent problems that require professional services from your dentist to treat. At your regular dental exams and cleanings, our practice can make sure any tartar buildup present on your smile will be promptly removed. This can be good for more than just your oral health, as we can fight the formation of any visible deposits that hurt the quality of your smile. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is prepared to do more than just this, of course, as we can also step in and care for you if any active threats are discovered during a routine review or when you reach out to discuss a problem. (more…)

Providing Composite Fillings For Patients

Cavity troubles should be taken seriously, and a problem that requires restorative treatment should not be ignored. When you arrange the care you need in a timely manner, you can minimize damage to your enamel and enjoy protection from a more conservative restoration. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can use composite fillings to address damage caused by cavities. By using a composite resin material instead of metal, we can make your experience with your appliance better. One reason for this is that we use a substance that more closely matches your tooth structure and preserves your appearance. This approach can also be better for those who are pregnant or affected by a metal allergy. (more…)

Avoiding Harm From Bruxism

How can you make sure your smile stays healthy and safe from harm? Good diet decisions, smart brushing and flossing, and regular dental exams can help you avoid many different risks. However, for people who typically grind their teeth during the night, it can be necessary to receive an additional form of protection. Our Temecula, CA dentist’s office can provide protection for this issue, known as bruxism, so that you will not have to worry about any more problems for your teeth. The longer it takes you to do something about this issue, the more likely it is that you will have permanent damage due to nightly grinding and clenching! (more…)