Ready To Show Off A Straightened Smile?

Problems with teeth spacing can give you serious doubts about the overall quality of your smile. Conspicuous gaps and overlaps can be hard to hide, but the right treatment for this problem can be easier to enjoy than you may realize. At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we are ready to meet with patients who wish to discuss orthodontic treatment. For many individuals, the right results can be seen thanks to a set of Invisalign aligners. A set of personalized appliances can be provided to you so that you can discreetly move your teeth into their appropriate positions. This is not the only approach we can take—depending on your needs, we can look into the benefits of metal braces, or we can explore the impact cosmetic dentistry can have on your smile. (more…)

Dental Crowns And Cavity Care

The right cavity care approach will ensure that you have long-term support for a tooth. The right protection is important, as the damage to your enamel is permanent. The good news is that when you do have the right support, you can remain healthy and stay comfortable biting and chewing with the affected tooth. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can provide important support with dental crowns when we worry about the condition of vulnerable teeth. Whether you require a full crown or a partial crown, we can provide the kind of support that stops new problems from occurring, and we can ensure you stay confident in your smile and dental function! (more…)

Securing Teeth Whitening Services

If you want to do something about the color of your smile, should you say something to your dentist or turn to a store bought whitening kit? There are results you can see from treatment, but you can feel bothered by the lack of overall improvements and frustrated by continued embarrassment over discoloration. Our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office can provide a more effective solution, one that provides results through more effective bleaching agents. We do make the option to whiten teeth at home available to you. By taking advantage of this, you can make the changes you want to see and still have a convenient treatment experience. You can also opt for a single in-office treatment that can give you results in a remarkably short time! (more…)

Root Canals And Pain Relief

If you try to simply ignore tooth pain and sensitivity and go about your daily routine, you can let the symptoms of a potentially serious oral health problem go unnoticed and unaddressed. The longer you continue to disregard discomfort, the more likely it is that the problem will worsen, leading to new complications and more serious trouble for your oral health! Persistent or serious pain in the tooth can be a warning that you have an advanced cavity or internal problems from an injury. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can address this kind of trouble through root canal treatment. In addition to stopping further discomfort, this resolves a problem within the tooth structure before it can progress further and lead to issues with a spreading infection or tooth loss. (more…)

Making Smile Changes With Veneers

How comfortable do you feel with the appearance of your teeth? Whether you have several issues with your appearance or one specific change you would like to make, the right cosmetic procedure can be helpful. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can recommend that you have treatment with porcelain veneers. By using these restorations, it is possible to hide a number of different concerns. Their placement can restore the color of your smile as well as teeth affected by wear and tear, misshapen appearances, and even issues with shape and size. By helping you determine the right approach to cosmetic dental work, we can help you see lasting benefits while maintaining a natural appearance! (more…)

Treatment For An Incomplete Smile

Living with tooth loss can be difficult, and it can actually become harder over time due to changes in your oral health. A single missing tooth can create problems for your bite function, and it can also make it harder for you to avoid losing more teeth. You also need to worry about your jawbone health, as the bone can deteriorate over time due to a lack of support from roots. Our Temecula, CA dental practice is here to help you if you are ready to do something about your incomplete smile. Implant dentistry gives us the means to permanently secure prostheses and take on problems linked to the loss of roots as well as the visible portions of teeth. We can also determine if you would benefit from a dental bridge, a custom appliance that we can permanently restore without oral surgery. (more…)

At-Home Care And Dental Cleanings

How much time and effort should you put into taking care of your smile? If you want to avoid problems like dental decay and gum disease, you should depend on both good daily practices and regular trips to your dentist’s office for reviews and professional cleanings. This combination of home care and professional efforts make it easier for you to avoid trouble over time. Our Corona, CA dentist’s office can assist you in keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Of course, because your routine visits include reviews as well as cleanings, you can learn about any problems you do have, and you can have them treated before there are complications that have to be managed. (more…)

Dealing With Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can disrupt you daily plans and make you worry for the state of your smile. They can also create potentially serious oral health issues that need to be addressed promptly. At our Riverside, CA dental office, we can make sure our patients are promptly cared for at times when they need help on short notice. Whether you are looking for help after a physical injury or because of discomfort that has become hard to live with, we can help you see results with the appropriate restorative treatment. Because we provide services that address dental health as well as your appearance, we can preserve your smile even as we take care to keep a vulnerable tooth healthy. (more…)

When To Worry About Gingivitis

Can you tell if your smile is healthy just by examining it in the mirror? When it comes to problems with dental decay, you can fail to realize that something is wrong until the discomfort of a more advanced cavity becomes a matter for concern. This is part of why regular dental exams are beneficial, as you can learn about problems before they become serious. You can also count on your routine visits to keep you informed about the state of your gums. Gingivitis, the first stage of an infection, is reversible when properly addressed. You can count on your Moreno Valley, CA dentist to let you know when something is wrong. With that said, you can also look for certain warning signs of gingivitis. (more…)

Pain Relief Through TMJ Treatment

Until you do something about TMJ disorder, your daily life can be affected by issues like facial pain, jaw discomfort and stiffness, discomfort in your neck as well as your shoulders, and even problems like headaches and teeth grinding. In other words, this is a condition that can seriously impede your quality of life if it remains untreated! Fortunately, your Riverside, CA dentist is prepared to help you put the matter behind you. Treatment to improve your jaw alignment and movement can ease tension on your joints and muscles, something that can free you from pain and sensitivity problems. Because we carefully evaluate patients before recommending services, we can determine what kind of care might be right for you, and whether you need treatment to restore the health of teeth to fully improve your bite function. (more…)